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Web Comment of the Day: On Government Spending

9 July 2010 One Comment

“Politicians are always ready to cut spending, right after they get past the current urgent spending needs.  Just like dopers who promise to quit right after they get done shooting the extra big bag of crank they just bought.

We all know that the spending has to stop.  The problem is that stopping the spending means cutting off old people, the sick, and the very young and poor, from benefits they are getting right now.  It also means cutting the oil companies off the public teat they’ve been sucking dry for decades now, along with other subsidies too (corporate farming comes to mind).

Both parties are scared shitless of retaliation by their core constituencies over these cuts.  Neither party is willing to gore their own ox, and just wants to slaughter the other guy’s animal instead.  This is why our current governmental system is doomed.  The Mises quote will be bourne out eventually, and all the politicians and banksters will fade away and run from justice like the nazis at the end of WWII.

In spite of the colossal damage a failed society wrecks, however, in my opinion, there are a group of citizens who might be able to start piecing things back together.  IT’S US.  The people who are pissed off and trying to do their small part to prepare for the future.”

From SHTFPlan

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  • aury (thunderdrake) said:

    I believe Gerald Celente called these spenders money junkies. XD