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Government A Risk To Online Income?

20 July 2010 One Comment

Interestingly, the Feds shutdown a network of 73,000 blogs this past weekend.  Many are critical of this move since it basically shut down a huge network of websites because of a handful of potentially criminal blogs within that larger group.  Coming off the heels of the possible legislation that grants the President authority to have a kill switch for the entire internet, this is definitely possibly infringing on freedom of speech rights that many Americans hold so dear.

If government is able to kill the internet for up to four months, if you rely on online income, you could be without income for four months!  Furthermore, there are countless blogs that are critical of political events including this one.  This is a slippery slope that could easily result in shutting down various “controversial” opinions.  This is why Americans are so quick to push back on anything that could resemble the killing of free speech because of the slippery slope that it is.

I will be watching this trend closely.  For now, with the mainstream media basically in bed with Corporations and politicians, the internet is really the last refuge of free speech.  Look for the power hungry politicians to get a hold of it any way they can.  This is only just beginning.

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