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Lead By Example

21 July 2010 One Comment

UK Prime Minister Cameron flew commercial from England to D.C. last night in an effort to lead the way in cost cutting.  The move is estimated to have saved several hundred thousand dollars compared to the typical action of chartering a jet to make the cross Atlantic flight.  Bravo Cameron.  Maybe Obama and our leaders will pay attention.  Oh wait, I sense another 30 minute campaign speech to deliver in Elkhart Indiana or something that costs a few million to execute.

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  • wingtipwalker said:

    Boeing 747 hourly operating cost (not including ground facilities and "entourage" costs) ~$10,000/hour

    Cessna 182 hourly operating cost <$100/hour

    I say get Rahm a pilot's license and he and the President can fly around bush pilot style and make all the stump speeches they want!