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Working On Campus For Extra Money As A Student

23 July 2010 2 Comments

This is a follow up article to the previous post on making money while in school.

If some of the other methods of making money as a student haven’t panned out for you or you’re looking for even more options on your quest to financial freedom, consider working for a business on campus. Not only are on campus retailers great because they often pay above average wages or help cut down on tuition, they’re also probably more convenient to students than other locations around town. While you’re on campus for class every day, you easily drop into work after your day is done to start your shift. On campus facilities are among the hardest to get into, so if you’re thinking of applying to work at an on campus retailer or restaurant, you’re going to need some help.

Where to Work

If you go to a larger state school, chances are you have a plethora of options to choose from when looking for somewhere to work. Every college campus has everything from restaurants to campus bookstores that need staffing. The key to finding a job you like is evaluating your interests. Almost all on campus locations will pay the same and you will more than likely go through the same processes to get the job, so if you have a say in where you get to work, mull it over for a little while. Understand that restaurants are going to be a lot of work, but you may get tips out of the deal. Bookstores on the other hand may be less work, but the work you do have to do can be tedious and boring and the lack of tips may make it unpleasant to work there for long hours every day. Figure out which type of place you’d prefer to work for and hint at it on your application. If you manage to make it into work at a campus location, you’re not going to want to quit. Campus jobs are tough to come by and if you make it through the selection process, quitting would just be foolish.

Application Tips

Applying to an on-campus location can be a lot different than applying to a job at the local McDonalds. Campus store managers are looking for a few key qualities on an application that will help set you apart.

Hours: The most important thing you can offer to a campus facility is your time. Most students work hectic schedules and that’s not very helpful to campus staff. Just like any business, they need people that can work consistent hours, not a few hours on Tuesday on Friday. When you plan your classes for school, try and plan them so that you have the same time holes open every day. That way, when you apply for a job, you can say that you’re free for the same times every day. Employers want consistency and if you can manage to give them the same 4 hour window Monday to Friday, you’re way ahead of everyone else.

Experience: Prior job experience always helps. If you’re trying to land a job at the campus restaurant, a little bit of prior food serving experience will edge you above all of the freshmen hoping for jobs. And if you don’t have related job experience, just put down whatever work you have done in the past. Even if you haven’t had a formal job, try and put down any form of volunteer work you’ve done that may be relevant.

Class Status: This final thing to include isn’t something you can embellish to make better in any way shape or form. Campus businesses give priority to upperclassmen all the time. If you’re a junior, chances are you’re going to get the job long before a freshmen. Just like registering for classes, the upperclassmen always get the cream of the crop. Universities trust their older students and their level of responsibility much more than kids fresh out of high school.

Submitted by Nick, a frequent contributor to 20smoney.com


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