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The Ideal Three Man Team To Launch A Website

10 August 2010 9 Comments

As you know I consider myself somewhat of a web entrepreneur.  I own a couple websites in an attempt to make a lot of money online.  Well, I’ve recently launched a new website – of which an announcement will be made on here shortly – and this time, I’m one of three responsible.

First, working on a team is such a blessing.  Wow, what a great experience it is to not have to do all the work.  It’d be impossible for me considering my daily work load already with respect to my career and my multiple websites that I maintain outside the 9-5 hours that I’m at work (real work).

In launching this website,  I feel like I’ve come close to nailing down what a great three man team looks like in terms of launching a website.  In this post, I’ll describe this ideal make up and probably apply this team to the specific website I’ve launched in a future post.

Three People, Different Strengths, Different Roles

With putting together a team of three, you will have some individual responsibilities and some shared responsibilities.  Three is way better than two people because with three you can have part of the website that not everyone is responsible for and it still be a team effort (2 people).  Let me explain further.


Everyone is responsible for regular content.  This means writing articles.  Now with that said, not everyone is responsible for the same content.  We’ve basically outlined content responsibilities based on type of article and topic.  Now, we also get to the first major role for one of the three teammates.

One of the teammates is the subject matter expert.  This means that this person really can write some detailed, expert-level content on the topic of which the website is supposed to be about.

While the other two guys write quality content, this one guy will write the really, really good content.  The type of content that will make your site unique to a certain extent.  The other two guys’ content isn’t necessarily filler content, but it’s not the content that makes the site.


Now, ideally, one of the other guys will be the main designer.  He will be the one who really makes the site look attractive.  He will have creative skills, graphic skills and quality web design skills.


The design guy can possibly also be the main coder, but ideally, you want 2 of the 3 guys to be able to work on the code.  Since most websites don’t require a great deal of coding (WordPress) this isn’t that big a deal, but again 2 is better than 3.

SEO / Promotion

Now, the third guy should be very good at SEO and promotion.  Hopefully, he’s already ramped up a site and can really lead the strategy when it comes to getting the site ramped up with traffic, page rank, search traffic, referrals, everything.


I think this is a very good make up of a three man team to launch the website:

  1. Subject Matter Expert – Responsible for high level content
  2. Designer – Responsible for the design of the site, the look, the brand, also responsible for content and coding
  3. The Webmaster – Responsible for all SEO & Promotion; also responsible for content and some coding; should be a wordpress expert too; also, hopefully is experienced with making money through a website

The reality is that with the site I recently launched, at least two of us had skills in every area I’ve listed above whether it’s knowledge of the topic, design skills, SEO skills, php coding, etc.  We have an ideal team.

As I mentioned above, a post will be released in the next week or so announcing the new website we’ve ramped up.  I’ll also comment on how it was ramped up much more quickly due to the team we have in place.  Stay tuned for more online business discussion…


  • Andy Hough said:

    I run four websites by myself and it would be nice to have a couple people to help. Of course, that would also mean splitting the revenue three ways. I feel confident in my ability to write content but design, seo, promotion, and coding are all areas where I have a lot of room for improvement.

    Good luck with your new site.

  • 20smoney said:

    If you're interested, put your websites here: http://20smoney.com/discussion/topic/introduce-yo… and maybe a lil traffic will head your way. i want to get the URLs of all my readers out there for everyone to visit and click on

    I hear you on the revenue thing!

  • Scott said:

    Sounds like you've found some great resources for your team. Do you all live nearby or are you collaborating online? I tried a group blog project a couple years ago, but it came down to lack of traffic and seo that eventually ended the project. It was hard to find the time to promote a group blog when we had our own blogs to work on each day. Looking forward to hearing your updates on your new venture.

  • 20smoney said:

    We're actually local together which helps. Also, I'm the only one with other blogs so they aren't working on multiple projects (altho they each have their own "real" jobs to consider of course).

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