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Stocks Surge To Start September

1 September 2010 2 Comments

Say that five times fast!  Stocks surge to start September.  Stocks surge to start September.  Ok, nevermind.  Dow jumped 254 points today to get everyone really, really excited!  Who cares about the month of August being down.  Traders are so funny – or maybe it’s just the clowns on CNBC – one huge day and you’d think that no problems existed in the economy!  Up and down.  Gotta be long / short these days I think.

Everyone wants to know will stocks have a big September? Does this start mean good things for the month ahead?  My opinion is who cares?  I don’t really care of the market goes up or down.  If it goes up, I’ll maybe cash in some gains; if it goes down, I’ll maybe buy some nice stocks.  Either way, I’ll collect some dividends and I won’t stress.

What about you?


  • Lisa said:

    There has to be a something within the Govt that manipulates the stock market! I know of noone who is happy with the economy and everyone states that it is getting worse!