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Obama Wants Another $50 Billion In Stimulus Spending

6 September 2010 One Comment

Obama is requesting $50 billion in stimulus spending targeted towards infrastructure.  Isn’t this what was supposed to happen with the $800 billion stimulus bill a year and a half ago?  Make no mistake, this is only just beginning.  As the economy fails to recover, politicians will get more and more desperate.  Perhaps, the most interesting question will come if the Republicans gain control of the House in the November elections… will they create stimulus bills and/or efforts to “boost” the economy from the government?  Obviously, they’ll go for tax cuts and stuff like that, but this will be very interesting.  As I’ve been saying for well over two years now, there is no way out.  You can’t stimulate the economy back to prosperity and the necessary restructuring that needs to happen will be very painful and ugly – thus, no way out.  For neither Republicans and Democrats.

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  • David said:

    bama is definitely insane and out of touch.