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Attention Americans: While You’re Watching Football, Your Future Is Being Pissed Away

16 September 2010 9 Comments

Football ratings have been at record highs so far this year.  The gridiron is now the great escape for Americans looking to depart from their miserable misfortunes, especially financial and economic ones.  Never before have the masses been so clueless to reality, and never before have we more needed the masses to wake up.

While you watch football and horrendous shows like America’s Next Top Model, your future is literally being pissed away.  You sit on your couch watching TV assuming that someone else will figure everything out and fix everything.  That someone else is actually screwing you because you refuse to give a crap.

Can you tell I’m annoyed?  Good.

Here’s a great comment I read over at Zerohedge on a post the other day:

When this all ends I hope everyone who had faith in the Federal Reserve and government take a step back and say, “How could we ever possibly have believed that they could achieve the impossible?”

There are severe consequences to have 0% interest rates, record low mortgage rates, stock market intervention, currency market interventions by central banks and precious metal suppresion all in an effort to stave off reality and falsify market stability. Panic cannot be contained and the people have had enough of the political rhetoric. They wanna know two things?

1) Where are the jobs?

2) Why are bankers being paid Pre-Lehman wages & larger bonuses (And hiring) while the economy is in a depression that they caused and how can they possibly be receiving bonuses when they have losses not yet taken and false earnings?

Now, the only part I don’t agree with is that the people have had enough. Clearly, the people are still willing to take more from the idiot elites ruining this country.

The key here is that as the comment above mentions, the elites are still making out handsomely.  Wall Street execs are still killing it despite the fact that we’re essentially in a depression and main street crumbles further.

Again, your future is being pissed away.

What does that actually look like?  Allow me to explain.

First, let’s look at your ability to earn a living.  Millions of jobs have been lost.  Instead of restructuring an economy built on production that might actually create real jobs, the elites have decided to sacrifice the middle class in an effort to keep the system going. Why would they want to keep the system going?  Because the current system rewards them big time of course.  They’re the elites, remember?

Millions are unemployed and there is no sign of a return to sustainable job growth.  Millions of jobs are not coming back.  That means for you and me, fewer opportunities and less income down the road.

Second, let’s look at your money.  Your purchasing power is getting hammered right now.  Look at the price of gold.  It’s at record highs.  Gold at record highs means that your purchasing power is eroding.  Your cost of living is going to increase as a result of inflationary policies.  Again, inflation is good for those in control of the banking system and the government.  They love it.  It kills the average Joe who is trying to put food on his table.

So, by all means, be sure to catch that Jets game next week.  It’s sure to be a doozy.  Just don’t come crying when you find yourself broke and pissed off.  You’ve been warned.

Many, many people are in for a rude awakening.  I assure you, it won’t be pretty.


  • tmgbooks.com said:

    The state of the economy is our own private Afghanistan. I mean what is our exit strategy? How do we reverse all the various trends moving against the middle-class?

    One problem in the way of moving forward for those of us in the middle-class is that we are assuming that the government will fix it and that things will go back to the way they were. What if this is the new normal?

    Does anyone one expect corporations to suddenly grow a heart and show some concern for the middle-class? That ain't gonna happen folks. If Wendy's could figure out a way to cook your hamburgers from India they would outsource those jobs yesterday.

    Manufacturing is not coming back unless we in America can compete on labor cost to bring them back from Viet Nam and Cambodia. Will that happen? No. The government has proven to be powerless to stop the decline. The economic reality of the middle-class has changed at a cellular level. To suceed, one will need to change at that same level, as well.

  • Dane said:

    I get your point, but http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/ ?

  • 20smoney said:

    Ha! Hey, nothing wrong with football. Only thing that pisses me off is when people watch football and are completely unaware of what's going on. As you can see by this post, I do both.

    Entertainment or other areas of life is fine, but when it gets all your attention and you have your head in the sand, then it sucks. Replace football with American Idol, cooking channel, p90x, computer programming, whatever.

  • Jon said:

    So you're saying that watching American Idol is a better option? Watching a few shows or games or whatever – if that is one's way of relaxing – is great. Otherwise what's the point of everything else if you can kick back every now and again. Indeed though, moderation is key with all things. Watching your favorite team once a week is good stuff. Watching 10 games a week and having no life and not contributing to society in any meaningful way is something entirely different.

  • 20smoney said:

    No i'm saying they're the same.

  • Dane said:

    lol, it's cool. That's exactly how I feel (and exactly what I thought you'd say). It's true that I spend a lot of time/money on football (i.e. flying to Kansas to watch my Jackets come up short to a team that lost to a 1-AA school…), but that's pretty much the extent of my entertainment spending.

    How people can sit around watching shitty television for multiple hours, multiple nights a week and not have a clue about their financial/political situation boggles my mind. The worst part is that when the poo does hit the fan – something I'm completely confident will be happening with our dollar sooner rather than later – I'm not sure the general population will be able to snap out of their trance fast enough to roll with the punches. Scary, but also very good motivation to stay on my toes.

  • Josh said:

    Huge win by the Jets this week!

  • Dan said:

    Wow, couldn't agree more!

    That's the issue, most people use it as a form of escapism. We're suppose to be in a recession, but how can people afford to shell out several hundred dollars for tickets on a weekly basis and then pay high marked up concession prices ($8 for a beer). That's the reason we're in the state we are today … many people lack sound financial management, thus anything that can be used as escapism from their daily lives is.

    Most people aren't as brutally honest as you, so I respect your style and think your dead on with this!

  • YOUPORN said:

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