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What Are You Good At?

20 September 2010 7 Comments

Finding what you’re good at can take a while.  For us 20-somethings, it probably takes a few years of working to truly grasp what you’re good at.  If you have no idea, then you should start paying attention to your job, your experiences, your skills and feedback from others.  Finding what you’re good at is an important step in your career, in business and in life in general.

Finding what you’re good can help you be more successful.  By being good at something, you can increase your earning power, you can increase your positive feedback which can increase job satisfcation, and you can possibly increase your chances at being your own boss.

By being the best at something, you can achieve the recognition and status of an expert in that field.  By becoming an expert, the opportunities that will be presented to you increase greatly.

Become an expert in a field and others will flock to you.  For example, you can create a blog and people will visit it to see what you have to say since you’re an established leader in your field.

In order for people to flock to you, you might need to demonstrate your abilities and your expertise.  You can do this by doing interesting work and reporting on it to the masses.  Or, you can get the word out by having other experts in the field tell people that you’re an expert.  Either will work.

So, what are you good at?  Are you pursuing what you’re good at?  Are you trying to make a name for yourself in that area?

I’ll leave you with one more example.  On my other website, Saturday Down South, we have a writer that is contributing content to the site.  It’s a football website, but her expertise is in cooking.  So, she had the idea to do a tailgating food section and weekly column.  Her work is absolutely excellent.  You can see her work here, here and here.  She already has a little following in just three weeks.  She knows she is good at cooking.  The problem is that nobody else does (outside her friends & family).  So, she has taken it upon herself to let others know that she is good at cooking by writing on our website.

Find what you’re good at and make plans to move towards it.  Maximize it and seek opportunities.


  • Chris Corliss said:

    I think this is my biggest downfall, identifying what I'm good at.

  • wingtipwalker said:

    I was told once by a mentor that your twenties are the time in life not to find out what you want to do with your life, but rather to find out what you don't want to do….

    Unless you're that weird kid that has known exactly what he wants to do since age 4, you generally don't have enough experience to make a "I want to do *this* for the rest of my life" decision, so the best thing to do is get out there and try a bunch of different things. You may find yourself doing something you don't like–but you can scratch that one off the list with confidence.

  • James Stewart said:

    In my experience, just graduating from college, the people who found out what they were good at were far more successful then those who didn't find it. By successful, I mean higher grades, better jobs, going straight into graduate school, better friendships, etc. They told me that the way they found out what they loved, had a passion for and was good at took trying. They tried many different things that they liked and checked them off the list if they weren't good at them.

    So I guess that works. Find out your passion and what your good at by scratching off the things you like and working at them. That's working for me. Why do something you don't like? Try all the things you like and in the process grow the knowledge to become an expert at what you love and what you're passionate about. Also what if you turn out you don't enjoy all the details of what you're good at? That means you waited a long time to find out nothing.

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  • Oliver said:

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  • Danielle Jedwson said:

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