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$1325 Gold

5 October 2010 6 Comments

Gold continues to run this morning.  This is on the news of yet another sovereign power revving up the printing presses.  Today it is Japan.  It is truly a race to the bottom in global currencies, and we’ve got plenty of room to go on this competitive devaluation process, which means gold has plenty of room to go as well?


  • Gareth said:

    Good for those holding gold. Bad for a lot of others. Bought 250 shares of EGO this morning. What are you holding again?

  • 20smoney said:

    I have a range of holdings: GDX, SLV, CEF… nothing beats physical though

  • Darla Serrano said:

    I seriously believe that Gold will continue to shoot up because the fundamental realities underlying the global economy are still very bad. Cash is trash as currencies will continue to be devalued to fund the outrageous and bloated government balance sheets.

    @ Bill:

    I would have to respectfully disagree with your view about Silver. Silver will out perform gold in the long run because it’s used in almost every aspect of our lives… In cell phones, computers, laptops, etc… As well as being viewed as precious metal. So between it’s ever diminishing suppply & the fact that percentage wise you can leverage much more ROI on Silver I’d recommend it for people that cant get into the gold market.

  • Johnny said:

    There is so much buzz about gold now that it is starting to feel like a bubble. Yes, I subscribe to all the logical reasons to buy it & I have it, but this is the kind of talk & direction that to me always signals a bust on the horizon. I love SLW

  • Johnny said:

    Look @ AXU today !!!

  • 20smoney said:

    There might be a short term correction, but that is a healthy sign of a bull market, not a bubble.

    I hope a bubble materializes, I'll make a lot of money if one does.