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Read This If You Want To Build A Recurring, Passive Income Stream

12 October 2010 44 Comments

I have a new product being developed.  I am looking to sell this myself to small businesses, but am considering building a network of additional sales people or “affiliates” to help sell it.

The product is going to be a subscription based product that will be very affordable and very unique and easily sellable to businesses.  As such, if you make a sale, you get an income stream, not a one-time commission.

If you’re comfortable calling up small businesses around your town and want to build a recurring income stream for yourself, leave a comment or email me.

The product will sell itself and you will be provided with materials to distribute and get up-to-speed yourself with.  It will be very easy, and like I said, completely unique.  All you need is to be able to talk to someone.

Again, you sign up a business, you get a monthly payment (to be determined) as long as they remain a member/subscriber.  You sign up 100 businesses (very do-able), you can potentially do this full time.  Recurring, passive revenue.  If you’ve ever wanted to do this type of stuff, but had no idea where to start or have the time to develop, I’m taking care of that part for you.  I just need some extra sales people who want to build an income stream.

Leave a comment or contact me via email if interested.


  • Tom Sirois said:

    Hi Kevin,
    Could not find your "email" button, so I thought I would comment here.
    Please contact me regarding this opportunity. I am not certain it is a fit for me, but the end result you state is definitely desirable.
    Let me know how to connect.

  • 20smoney said:

    Sounds good. Really the only requirement is that you're comfortable calling up small businesses that you know or don't know and telling them about this product that will help them get new sales. Something that is a very relevant topic these days in today's economy. Really this product should be a very easy sell. Still a couple weeks/maybe months away from releasing it but want to start building up the initial people who want to be a part of it. First batch of sales people will get a bigger cut too since they are instrumental in getting it off the ground.

  • Matt Nelson said:

    Very interested in this opportunity. Please contact me with the details.

  • tim said:

    I'm interested if this is something that won't require a large time commitment. I'm a full time student with a part-time job already but this intrigued me too much to not at least get some info.

  • 20smoney said:

    Thx for the comments. The time commitment can be 5min a week or 5 hours a week. You could probably kill it by spending 10min a day.

    Make sure you put your right email address if you make a comment, ill log your email address and be in touch

  • Alex said:


  • Mark said:

    Sounds interesting. I'd like to hear more as well.

  • Alan S said:

    Interested in learning more

  • Ashley said:


  • Michael said:

    Please contact me about this opportunity. Can't wait to hear about the product.

  • andrewbpaterson said:

    Definitely interested!

  • Edojidai said:

    Interested as well

  • Rick said:

    Definitely interested in a passive income stream! How can a college senior pass on this opportunity?!

  • MJD said:

    I'm in! Just graduated from college and this would be a great way to earn some extra cash!

  • Kim said:

    Sure! Would love to help

  • Nikk appling said:


  • Andrew said:

    Sounds like a great opportunity! I would love to hear more about the product.

  • wingtipwalker said:

    Interested as well.

  • Jason said:

    Lets start spreading the information around

  • Dennis said:

    I’m interested in learning more about this.

  • Martin said:

    I'm interested. Please let me know. Thanks.

  • Veronica said:

    I'm interested. Let me know if you need any more people involved.

  • John G said:

    Hi Kevin. I am interested to learn more about this opportunity.

  • Bobby said:

    would like to hear more

  • Friend said:

    According to Pareto's law, I may still have a chance at this!! Please send info….

  • eman3488 said:

    Hey Kevin,
    This sounds like a really cool opportunity. I would be very interested in both helping you out and obviously a little extra income couldn't hurt. Please let me know what I can do to get involved. I can't wait to hear what you've got planned.

    contact me at eman3488 AT gmail DOT com

  • Kelin said:

    Interested in learning about it.

  • robert watkins said:


  • hugh said:


  • Felix said:

    I am interested in hearing more and getting in on the ground floor.


  • Tyler Mahon said:

    I would love to hear more about the opportunity, thank you!


  • Matt Nelson said:



  • Frank said:

    Please email me about this opportunity! pench87@gmail.com
    I currently work a 40 hr per wk office job and would love to learn more about how to generate a steady stream of passive income!

  • Hilary S said:

    I am in sales in the IT industry- I would be interested to learn more.

  • Vel said:

    Interested. Please email me at velchella@hotmail.com

  • Matt said:


  • Justin said:


  • Brian said:

    Hey! Please send me some more information about the sales opportunity. How far away are you from launching your product? Thanks.

  • ahmed34 said:

    I have a new product being developed.  I am looking to sell this myself to small businesses, but am considering building a network of additional sales people or

  • Steve said:

    I am in direct sales full time for a large cable company. I am interested in hearing about what it is you are planning. I'm seeking additional income to invest with.

  • BizLife LLC said:

    im interested if this offer is still on the table !

  • DC10 said:

    How can it be very unique, either it is unique or it isn't. Sounds like the sort of sales talk that immediately puts people off.

  • Pornhub said:

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  • Bob said:

    Sounds stupid. GFY!!