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As Apple Trades Well Over $300, We’re Witnessing The Last Gasp To Hold On To Consumerism

18 October 2010 One Comment

Whether it is by not paying their mortgage or hawking their gold jewelry to cash 4 gold commercials, we’re witnessing the masses last attempt to hang on to an unsustainable lifestyle.  The end game is near, and any attempt to stop the trend will be rendered futile.

As Apple Inc. (AAPL) trades at $317, and investors/traders await the earnings after the market closes today, Apple is a sure sign of this macro trend.  Mortgage payments?  Screw that.  I want a new iPad.  That’s the way the world works today and of course, the madness will come to an end at some point.  Apple will undoubtedly kill the quarter as they always do.  And the stock might hit $350 or $10,000.  It doesn’t really matter.  We’re broke and coming lifestyle adjustment is unstoppable.

Assets are deflating, even if they are going up in nominal terms, because the market forces are unstoppable.  Wait for the masses to fully realize this trend, then decide what you want to buy as the masses are forced to liquidate.  I’ll take a boat please.

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  • fcarlos said:

    I'm buying an iPhone 4 and my dad is buying an iPad next week. My aunt is buying a Macbook next month… she just wants a computer she can rely on. None of us are skipping our mortgage payments to do this. For all of us it will be first time purchases of these particular items. Other than my Nikon photo gear and vintage audio gear, Apple is the only company making anything I'm currently interested in… including their stock.