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Thoughts On The Week Ahead

31 October 2010 No Comment

Interesting and exciting week ahead, unlike most recent weeks which have been pretty boring.  Tuesday of course marks the mid-term elections where every congressman/woman is up for election, a good chunk of senators and governors as well.  It looks like the Republican party will make a big push to take a good number of seats, but the bigger question will be does it matter?  Additionally, arguably the more influential day with regards to the markets is Wednesday where the Fed is expected to announce their plans for the next round of QE.  I think there’s a greater chance of a sell-off than a rally, since the markets have already priced in substantial QE.  If the QE plan isn’t really, really big, then stocks probably sell off somewhat.  Of course, you’ll probably be too busy bickering about left vs right to care about the Wednesday announcement to debase your money further.

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