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Armed Guards At Unemployment Offices: What It Means

1 November 2010 6 Comments

In the news the other day was the fact that the state of Indiana is placing armed guards at various unemployment centers as the expiration of the 99-week unemployment benefits is set to kick into effect.  You can read about it here.

This is a pretty amazing event and is a very insightful image into what America has become.  Let’s dissect this further.

First, obviously, Indiana fears that possibly there might be some upset or angry people as a result of having their unemployment benefits cut off even if it’s after almost two years of receiving this aid.  This means that Indiana thinks some people might be so angry that they would resort to some unrest or violence.

If someone is willing to resort to civil unrest or violence as a result of their financial situation, it shows that this person believes his financial situation is completely out of his or her own hands.  Or, they believe their circumstances in life have nothing to do with their own actions but the actions of the government or someone else.

This is truly a bad place for our country to arrive to.  Too many people have no desire to pursue a better life or success on their own, but instead would rather look to someone else to provide it for them even if it means taking it from someone else.

What a mess.


  • RB Boren said:

    Desire is necessary but not sufficient. There are now millions of long term unemployed workers whose jobs are never coming back. How might an older unemployed manager or professional pursue a better life? How might an unemployed autoworker pursue a better life?

    Retraining merely shifts the worker surplus to other sectors. I've got a safe and countercyclical self employment niche but that's not a universal solution.

  • wingtipwalker said:

    I think a terrifying dose of humility is in store for many of the unemployed. Your older unemployed manager may have to realize he's not going to be a manager anymore. And the unemployed autoworker will have to realize that they're not an autoworker anymore. While it will take drastic changes in lifestyle, location, and a change in stature from a high-paid union worker or manager to a minimum wage associate at Wal-Mart that's the only functional alternative…you can't just sit around and wait for somebody to rescue you!

    At what point do Americans start immigrating to Asia…the new "Land of opportunity"?

  • 20smoney said:

    Couldn't have said it better myself! Well put! "terrifying dose of humility" is right. The question is how people respond to that dose.

  • darla_serrano said:

    I was going to comment and then I read your comment and realized I would just be repeating LOL! You said it perfectly! The entitlement mentality must end – there is no more money. A dose of humility mixed in with some very hard decisions is what needs to be done.

  • Aaron THe Great said:

    Wow it is scary to read this kind of news, but it's reality. Asia is sounding better and better.

  • Kelin said:

    Come on people, let's get inovative! Are we going to jump the big U.S.A. ship? F Asia!