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Student Loan Hell

24 November 2010 11 Comments

Interesting article on a recent grad who has over $200k in student loan debt. Good luck paying off 200 large while working as a waitress.  Welcome to the new normal for higher education in America.  Tons of debt, mediocre degrees, no jobs.  Read the article here.


  • TaJ said:

    All debts should be dischargable in bankruptcy. The stupidest thing we've done as a nation was "reform" the bankruptcy laws to make some classes of debt stickier than others. It removed all desire on the part of lenders to actually care about the quality of person they were lending to. If debts can never be discharged then that loan will always be on the bank's books as an asset, even if it won't be repaid for 100 years, so they really don't NEED to care that loans are non-performing.

    It seems like common sense that making people more responsible for their decisions should improve the economy, not subvert it. But common sense hasn't had any connection to our economic reality for quite some time now, thanks to the financial sector.

  • TaJ said:

    Let me self-correct here and say it's maybe not THE stupidest thing we've done as a nation. It's A stupid thing though, certainly.

  • 20smoney said:

    Ha, nice qualifying statement. Good points though overall.

    Question: Is college education a bubble? Thoughts?

  • financier said:

    I really think college education is overrated. There are many alternatives of completing your undergraduate and masters degree without getting any loan. It is more frustrating to see people getting 100k loan to attend a prestigious college to graduate with a degree that pays only 50-60k a year. I think we should teach students that they can work and study at the same time. The quality of education through community colleges and public colleges are as much good as private colleges. We should completely avoid student loans over 20k over the entire duration of getting a college degree instead of trying to discharge in on bankruptcy. It avoids any student to be on that situation. Mastering personal finances is just as important as getting a good GPA, in fact its worth much more. Bankruptcy just takes away responsibilities from a person.

  • TaJ said:

    The easy availability of student loans (due to the fact that they're incredibly hard to discharge) inflates the cost of college… which leads more people to need larger student loans.

    This is the EXACT SAME THING that happened with easy mortgages and the housing bubble.

    I don't know if college education itself is a bubble. I mean, not getting any kind of college education puts a serious crimp on your earnings potential. But college education COSTS are bubbletastic. People taking out student loans now are "buying in at the top". But their choices are limited in a way that the housing bubble wasn't. You can't rent a degree!

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    how much was the interest rate of that loan?

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