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Comments On Black Friday & Consumerism In General

28 November 2010 3 Comments

Once again, Black Friday has come and gone and the climax of American consumerism is upon us.  The talking heads on CNBC and other mainstream financial outlets are talking about how shopping is strong and how shopping will save our economy.  It’s been the same crap for several years now since the depression started.

First of all, shopping will not save us even if shopping increases by 1000% because shopping is not what will improve the economy.  In fact, shopping will continue to hurt our economy, because we’re collectively becoming more broke and accumulating more crap that essentially ends up in a land fill in just a few short years.

Black Friday is a ridiculous event and is one of the major examples of how screwed up our economy is.  People stampeding over eachother in the middle of the night at Wal-Mart so they can fill their homes with crap by spending money they don’t have.  Great.

As long as the economic policies are geared towards encouraged debt-financed consumption, our economy goes nowhere.  I don’t see this changing anytime soon, so I don’t see the economy going anywhere soon either.


  • TaJ said:

    Well, if we want people to spend more, we can keep letting all those strategic defaulters keep living rent free. Just think of all that extra money they'll have to blow at Target!

    No? No takers on that idea? 🙂

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