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Uncertainty Reigns, Do You Trust The Markets?

1 December 2010 One Comment

As you scan the headlines on a day to day basis, you can’t help but notice that uncertainty is the prevailing theme.  Whether it is the implosion of Europe – starting with Greece, moving to Ireland, next up: Portugal? – or the insanity going on in American politics, the levels of uncertainty for the wise and aware to notice are crazy.

Meanwhile we have a Fed that has essentially admitted to proping up the stock market for the intentions of boosting the “wealth effect” – meaning Americans will spend money (which leads to prosperity of course) because they feel wealthier when their 401k statements come in the mail and they show an increase in assets.  Woohoo!  We’re rich!

So I don’t really call the stock market a market anymore.  A stock exchange is probably a better term.  You exchange your stocks with the Federal Reserve, yeah that makes sense.

I find myself almost glad I don’t have a crapload of money because I’d be stressed out on what to do with it.  The stock market is manipulated.   Cash is losing value.  Savings accounts return nothing.  Metals are volatile because of the nature of the metals “markets”.  Maybe I’d go buy a bunch of farm land and become a self-sufficient hippie if I had millions.

We truly live in interesting times, and I feel stupid for saying that, because I’m sure people say that in every era or generation.  Maybe, it is the nature of times to be interesting?  Maybe that is what makes life fun?

It’d be boring if it were easy to make millions of dollars and increase your wealth with a high degree of certainty.  Actually, nevermind, that wouldn’t be boring.

Economic Uncertainty

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