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Gold Starts 2011 Over $1400

3 January 2011 4 Comments

Gold continues to run, with a big 2010 and the 10th consecutive annual gain – amazing when you consider the stock market over the last 10 years.  So, gold is over $1400 to start the year.  Where will it be at the end of the year?  It could be at $2000 or it could be $1000 but I think it will outpace the stock market in either situation.  Stocks are continuously losing value with regards to gold over the long term.  This is the key.  Look at the Dow priced in gold for the last ten years and you’ll know what I’m referring to.  This trend will continue regardless of whether the Dow is at 10,000 or 50,000.  Happy New Year!


  • Arthur Garcia said:

    Kevin, what are you thoughts on Silver? I've read a few things recently that makes me think there might be some opportunity there. Do you agree?

  • 20smoney said:

    I like silver alot. It's very volatile and its had a big run in the last 3 months. You don't want to allocate all your money into it at once. instead, view it as a savings vehicle and put some money into physical silver every month. For every $10 you put into cash savings, I'd put $1-3 into physical silver to hedge it.

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