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The Political Environment In 2011

4 January 2011 2 Comments

In 2011, the fiscal situation and the deficit issue should come to the main stage.  Unfortunately, the main stage is typically one of lip service not of practical and necessary action.

This coming year will be more of the same.  Politicians will promise dedication towards resolving the fiscal issues with the United State of America.  They will promise a reduction of deficit with zero pain inflicted on us the masses.  We will put forward cuts, but no cuts of course that will impact any of us.  They’ll promise the impossible and nothing will happen.

The reality is that cuts have to be painful if they are to have an impact.  Whether it is higher taxes, cuts in welfare or social security, or cuts in defense, these are the areas that have to be addressed for any meaningful fiscal improvement.  Any politician who says otherwise is either lying or an idiot.   Unfortunately, liars and idiots are essentially accurate descriptions of our leaders.

Essentially, we go nowhere politically in 2011.  More partisan banter.  More debt, more deficits, more pointing fingers.  More talking points about “tax cuts” or “obamacare” – no meaningful change.

Don’t complain.  You put these people in power.


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