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The Benefits of Using a Credit Card Abroad

4 May 2011 5 Comments

The following is a guest post

There are a lot of details needing attention when you decide to travel abroad, and one of the most important details is the best way to handle your money. In days gone by, the only viable option you had was to carry large amounts of cash, which is dangerous for obvious reasons, or opt for traveler’s cheques. These days, you also have the option of using a credit card abroad, and of the available choices, the benefits for using a credit card when traveling out of the country are generally better.

  1. Earn while you relax. Not only can you earn cash back, air miles and other travel discounts when using a credit card abroad, if you call your credit card company and tell them you are going on vacation and plan on spending a lot of money, they may offer you a better deal or even a 0% balance transfer credit card alternative from your existing card. You could enjoy even more perks, such as a higher credit limit and more money to spend!
  2. Safety first. Carrying a huge wad of cash is definitely an invitation to disaster when traveling. The beauty of a credit card is it offers protection from theft and fraud – typically, if your credit card is stolen and reported right away, you are not responsible for any charges the thief charges to your card. Replacement of the credit card is usually free, also.
  3. Free travel insurance. Of course, we all hope the worst won’t happen and we can enjoy our vacation with nothing going wrong. However, if something does happen to go wrong, your credit card company may provide free travel insurance to help you cope, including car insurance on any rental vehicles.
  4. Mistakes happen. Have you been charged for something you did not purchase? Charged too much or charged twice? If you’ve used a credit card and you run across an error, many credit cards will waive the interest fees until the disputed charge has been resolved and corrected. Just the threat of a chargeback to most retailers is motivation for them to correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Using a travel credit card abroad is a good idea to keep your money safe and maybe even providing a few perks you weren’t expecting. Make sure to check with your credit card company and learn about any extra fees for withdrawing cash and foreign currency conversion fees. With a credit card in your pocket, you can travel safe and travel smart.


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