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Is It Getting Easier To Make Money Online?

24 May 2011 9 Comments

Two theories on whether or not it is getting easier to make money online based on personal experiences…

Theory #1 – It is getting easier to make money online as the business models mature and online platforms continue to thrive

As more business models based on online content continue to thrive, participants that are well positioned and willing to work can make money via the increased dollars flowing through these mediums.  Two examples come to mind.

Huffington Post selling for $300+ million demonstrated that the model works.  Now, you probably aren’t likely to make money as a HuffPo writer considering they’re selective and most writers work for free, but their success impacts the industry.

Another example is Seeking Alpha, which continues to grow and generate massive traffic.  I’ve been writing there for some time and they have recently launched their premium content which allows you to earn $10 per 1,000 page views that your articles generate.  I can tell you that you can make decent money here fairly easily as three articles I’ve done this week have grossed me over $150 already.  You can see my articles here.

Theory #2 – It gets easier to make money online when you personally become more established

My other theory is that it’s getting easier to make money online because I’ve now been doing it for several years.  Most people fail to make money online because starting out is difficult and you literally make pennies for every hour you put into it for months and months.  If you can push through to the next level, there is legitimate income to be had – I’ve documented my process here.

As I’ve become more established, more people offer to pay me to write things, more people know about my site(s) and want to advertise, more people want to partner with me, etc.

For me, it is definitely getting easier to make money online, and I think there are a number of factors like the two I’ve outlined above.


  • localtimezone said:

    It sounds very good. I have been in another programs and as you said the entry price is too high. I emailed you for details.

  • NoDebtMBA.com said:

    I would say as a counter argument that while it is becoming easier to make some money online due to streamlined programs and systems, it is also becoming harder to make significant money online due to increased competition.

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  • Financial Independen said:

    To be brutally honest – blogging, like the rest of the media business. Few winners, whole bunch of losers. Financial independence through blogging is a tough call.

    I would not be counting on online income much. It is just a place to share ideas, discuss them. it is very easy to bring a lot of advertisements, product placements on your web site and scare people away.

    Obviously you are doing very well, but it is a rare example. I am totally agree- start writing about what you like and over the time it will come wisely. Do it because you like, than you are in for a long run…

  • MKRahman said:

    It is not so easy to to earn significant money from internet due to heavy competition and lacking of basic rules to do the job successfully.

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  • Forex said:

    I think it is still quite hard to make money online.

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