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Why CNBC Is Trash

24 June 2011 8 Comments

CNBC talks about stocks all day.  They ask interviewees during each segment “which stocks they’re buying today.”  These are such stupid questions and reflect the stupidity of the common viewer of the channel I guess which is a dumb individual investor who only cares about headlines and overtrades – and probably loses money by investing.

Investing is about buying ownership in companies that are going to generate above average returns for its shareholders.  As such, the conversation should be more about what is or isn’t being done on the macro level to encourage an environment for business to thrive.  This requires technical, deep conversations and segments longer than 30 seconds which I guess isn’t appropriate for the A.D.D. viewer of today.

Instead we’re stuck with comments like “Greece is bailed out, therefore risk is back on” and we’re stuck with shows like Fast Money and segments like Jim Cramer’s “Lightning Round.”

If you know what you’re doing investing, you truly are better off not ever turning on this channel.



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    so if cnbc is trash, what website do you recommend.

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