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What’s Going On In The World?

9 September 2011 22 Comments

I’m pretty busy these days, but here’s a round up of what I’m watching in the markets and the world in general.

The Markets

Stock markets continue to be volatile with weak jobs/economic data and especially fears over the Europe situation. The European debt crisis will have to come to a head at some point, so it probably makes sense to hold out until it does. What will that look like? A Greek restructuring of debt at a minimum.

When it comes to a head, it will bring markets down especially multinationals affected by the Euro. One stock in particular is Philip Morris Int’l (PM). When the crisis peaks, buy a little PM. Then hang on to it for a decade or two.

Oh yeah, gold continues to kill stocks. I’ve only been telling you this would happen for three years now. The run isn’t over.


What a joke the Obama speech was. More stimulus (we’ve done that), unemployment benefits extensions (doesn’t help the economy) and payroll tax cuts (again we were already doing that). So what was so big about this? Um, nothing.

It would have been better for Obama to stand up and say “I’m going to get out of the way because I’ve realized government cannot create jobs. I apologize for interfering in the economy for three years.”

Sorta like how Ron Paul is… who if you haven’t been paying attention is awesome to watch in the Republican debates. Forget the rest of them – Gingrich is interesting sometimes and I like a few things about Herman Cain, but forget Romney, Perry, Bachmann. Gah, I want to throw up thinking about them.

Here’s the highlights from Ron Paul at the recent debate. Only guy in Washington who attempts to defend the Constitution and liberty. How far we’ve come.

More soon…


  • wingtipwalker said:

    I like what Ron Paul has to say as much as anyone…but I don't think he could ever get elected as President. I don't think he even believes that he could get elected! Being a perennial candidate gives him a perfect forum to get these wonderful conservative principles out in the public eye and discussed at length.

    However, shallow as it seems, he doesn't "look" or "sound" like the president. The American Idol electorate isn't going to elect somebody that reminds them of their crazy uncle! So, as much as I like what Paul has to say, I have to think more practically in terms of who can beat the smooth-talking campaign machine of Obama.

    When I look at the current field, Perry is the only one who fits the bill. He's an excellent campaigner, and while he's not my favorite politician I will take him over big O any day!

  • Daniel said:

    I agree that gold has been killing stocks but don't you eventually begin to worry about a bubble? I mean gold really has no underlying value where as I can at least look at stocks which are ownership rights to the earnings of the company.

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  • Statspotting said:

    Greece is the current flavor. Wait till we get the next one.

    Gold prices – see the rise and rise of gold – http://statspotting.com/2011/08/the-rise-and-rise

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  • xfiltrate said:

    What´s Going On In The World? Just now completing a ride from Spain through northern Europe, through all but one of the Balkans, Turkey, Greece and Italy – seems as if no one is home in Spain and
    Greece… southern coast ofTurkey is alive and well due to tourists from the former Soviet Union
    Italy, well is Italy, restaurants still full , mostly people trying to catch the attention of their waiter or gossiping.

    Most interesting observation: met a Turkish lawyer and a Turkish economist , the lawyer was responsible for ¨legalizing¨ credit default swap packages for a major bank and the economist responsible for the statistics necessary to make them legal Go Figure xfiltrate

  • Independence said:

    There is nothing wrong with the world, it is just new reality. The world is becoming multi centered.
    This is just new life.

    What I think that we could not count on 5-7% market growth in the near future. We need to accelerate our investment and hope that it will work out.
    I revised my goals and portfolio to reflect that.

  • xfiltrate said:

    Independence, Perhaps you missed my point and the irony of my comment.

    Are you aware of fractional reserve banking and that once upon a time banks could lend as much as 10x dollars for each dollar on deposit? Today, there is literally no limit on how much certain banks can lend, this due to 0% or close to 0% interest rate money available from the FED to certain banks.

    This may be a new reality, but what is wrong is that history has proven governments cannot solve financial financial problems by simply printing and lending or giving away more fiat currency. This is what is going on in the world, my point being, "credit default swaps" and similar products created because of fractional reserve banking , are now common practice worldwide, even in Turkey.

    I have lived several years in Argentina, I have witnessed the horrific results first hand what is wrong with your "new reality." I hope North Americans stop being in denial for the reasons for the current world financial crisis. You may want to hear what the Governor of the Bank of England has to say…. yesterday…

    Seems as if some people are protesting against the Fed today, at more than one Federal Reserve Bank location. Is this the new reality you speak of,??? perhaps I missed your point?


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  • xfiltrate said:

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  • Ron Stevens said:

    Is incredible on how Gold right now is killing the stock market just take a look back then when gold was around $300 to $400 and now gold is around $1600, Many investor made the choice on investing in gold at that time, just think about how much money they would make if they think on selling that gold that they bought for $300 or $400? that would be extremely impressive.

  • xfiltrate said:

    Most days I ignore CNN, but when economic news is actually reported, as I myself have personally

    experience, I listen. I posted this link under

    (MF Global Goes Down) but my post was deleted? I agree with Kevin that the former Governor and now

    MF CEO should go broke.

    Looked what is happening Argentina:

    Argentina is recovering quite well, thank you . " In December 2001 Argentina defaulted on 100 Billion in debt – the largest

    default in history." Perhaps more Corporations, Countries, CEOs should "go broke." Perhaps the fact

    that after the default , Argentina had 5 different Presidents in 2 weeks worries the Presidents of other



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