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Hobby to Online Business

8 February 2012 2 Comments

Guest Post: Is your current financial situation getting the better of you? Is mounting debt keeping you awake at night? If your answer to these last questions was yes, then you should know that you are not alone in your struggle and more importantly there is something you can do for yourself to alleviate these worries and lead a happier life.

Many of you would not believe that I myself was in a similar situation for a very long time and just when I thought that I was at the point of no return and was ready to give up on life, a miracle occurred. A neighbor of mine recommended that I try marketing my shawls, and other hand knitted baby clothes outside the community but I told him that I did not have the resources to do this and was actually planning on giving it up as the neighbors had all bought items from me and they weren’t having children as fast as my bills were coming in! Being a big fan of my products he said he was not going to give up on me that easy and a few weeks later he showed up at my doorstep with his laptop and told me he may have found a solution to my troubles. I was at first skeptical but I told him to carry on with his demonstration. He started off by telling me that I need not worry about looking for a retail shop or traveling from market to market selling my garments but I should instead sell them online! I laughed at the thought and I wondered if he realized that my situation called for many things but spending money I didn’t have on something I didn’t understand. He told me to just have a little patience and everything would be understood soon enough. Let me say now that he was correct as what he showed me ended up changing my life forever!

Quite simply what I was showed was an online platform that would host my website and provide me with an ecommerce website builder all in one very affordable package. Shopify is the name of this ingenious service, and I highly recommend it as the services offered can be life changing! In no time at all I was able to customize an online store using of their many professional templates as a starting point. The templates come with built in shopping cart technology which allowed my site to process credit card payments immediately! With Shopify’s service I can sell products online without limits and all of this from the comfort of my own home. Nowadays the only thing I worry about is getting to the post office on time to send off all the orders that I get daily on my website!!!

Also to gain my confidence in their service Shopify offered me a free no risk 30 day trial. You too can take advantage! All you have to do is sign up  today to enjoy this free trial, which by the way is not limited in its features, the trial gives you the same access as clients that have paid their subscriptions. So feel free to give the service a try, you could have your very own online store up and running with just a few clicks of your mouse!



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