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Gas Prices Are Out of Control

16 April 2012 11 Comments

Gas prices are out of control and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.  In fact with Presidential elections in the U.S. this year, gas prices may continue to increase and be used as a political football for both political parties.

So who is to blame for high gas prices?

Who controls the gas prices?

Where does the money go after the pump?

The following graphic is a great illustration of one viewpoint on the gas situation.  We’d love to hear your opinion on the graphic below in our comments section.

Why Gas Prices Are Too High
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  • John said:

    I think part of the answer to rising gas prices is to be less reliant on gas. Pretty simple right?

    Instead of making two trips to the grocery store several days apart, perhaps we can make one trip instead. Instead of banking at a physical branch, why not bank online?

    There are many small actions that we can take, and if taken together, can change gas prices for the better.

  • Ian said:

    High gas prices are due mainly to increasing demand and stagnant supply. The thing is high prices will force down demand (at least in the US) and will also mean we look for alternative sources of energy, perhaps natural gas. While it sucks to have to pay more at the pump, there is almost nothing politicians can do about it. The best thing is buy a more fuel efficient car or better yet not drive at all.

  • Cherry said:

    How about wood fueled car, or even water fueled cars?… Didn't Japan come up with this. I know a wood fueled car isnt as far-fetched as water fuel, so why not finally come up with an alternative that isn't stagnant.

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  • Fed Up With The Feds said:

    It is foolish following that believes that the government can not put in place policies that lower gas prices overnight. Simple: Open domestic drilling and minimize the EPA's impact on permits. Fine violators of real environmental harm instead of all consumers on the premise of imagined harm. Open refineries and apply the principles above. Add an export tarrif to oil that will cause it to be kept and used at home until we have .50 a cent gas. Get out of the over regulation of the energy industry. Stop putting billions in "alternative" sources which have no market viability and cut taxes with the savings. Result – dramatically lower gas prices.

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