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How I Raised My FICO Score from 513 to 800

11 May 2012 4 Comments

While in college I really screwed up my credit score.  Just like many college students, no one taught me how to manage my money or the importance of a personal credit score.  Who knew how much impact your personal credit score would have on your life?

I never filed bankruptcy or defaulted on a payments.  I just worked out exactly how to pay back the debt and get my score back to a solid number “800”.

Yahoo Finance asked me to tell the full story, so I did and you can read all about it…

Click Here to read the full article on raising your FICO Score


  • HtmlSymbol said:

    I have so much medical bill debt that it equals about $200,000 I pay monthly installments which often leaves me strapped because of my hours being cut. If they just made it illegal to have medical bills on your credit, I would have perfect credit. But I cannot get insurance because of a pre-existing condition and when I am hospitalized, it goes on my credit.

  • Cherry said:

    This article is a good read. Working with the credit companies in most cases is the best option. You'll be surprised how willing they are to work out something with you, as long as you're actually reaching out and showing them that you want to pay off your debt.

  • Truck Advertising said:

    Paying off your debt a nice teaser to credit cards companies

  • CPA Salary said:

    The credit score companies are impressed if they see that you know how to manage debt properly, which is what you've done here, Kevin. So I'm not surprised you were able to get your score back up. Congratulations.