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Top Cities to Live for 20 Somethings

18 June 2012 18 Comments

For young people with no commitments the world is open for discovery, no matter what the preferences there is somewhere out there which will suit a young person looking to make a new life for themselves.

When looking for a new city to relocate to it is wise to carry out some research, things you might want to take into account include –

  • The jobs market
  • Living accommodation
  • Cost of living
  • Fun things to do
  • Transportation system

The top 10 cities in the world for young people to live will very much depend on the individual.  With the economic crisis, which is gripping many parts of the world careful consideration needs to be taken when selecting a city to relocate to as well.

Three Indexes we looked at to develop the list were:

A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index

The Economists Annual Rankings of the Most Livable Cities 2011

2011 Quality of Living Mercer Survey
New York City, New York

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #47

A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index:
2012 Ranking #1
2010 Ranking #1
2008 Ranking #1
Score in 2012 – 6.35

For many the place to be is New York City, New York, with about 800 languages spoken in the city, and a melting pot of diverse cultures, New York City has something for everyone, which is why people from all over the world chose to live and visit New York. Employment is a varied as its residents, with technology, research, fashion, finance, making up just a very few of the numerous industries and sectors which provide employment in the city. An excellent transportation system keeps this city moving and with lots of open spaces and parks including the world famous Central Park, which covers approximately 883 acres, numerous bars clubs and restaurants New York City has something for everyone.

Melbourne, Australia

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #18

Economist’s Most Livable Cities 2011 Ranking #1

A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index:
2012 Ranking #32
2010 Ranking #n/a
2008 Ranking #n/a
Score in 2012 – 2.25

Considered to be one of the best places in the world for young people to live, Melbourne is famous for its film and art culture and has been named by UNESCO as a City of Literature. With wonderful beaches to the south east of the city, which act as a great distraction from the working buzz of the city, Melbourne has to be one of the most amazing places for young people to live. The world’s largest tram network serves the transportation needs of this green and pleasant city.
London, England

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #38

A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index:
2012 Ranking #2
2010 Ranking #2
2008 Ranking #2
Score in 2012 – 5.79

London is a vibrant city with a bustling night life, cafes, bars and restaurants  serve a host of traditional and multi-cultural dishes from around the world. A cultural delight, London is home to numerous galleries, museums, theatres and festivals. Employment in various business sectors, including banking, insurance and finance are key to the city of London, while other sectors are also very well represented, throughout the city.

Berlin, Germany

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #17

A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index:
2012 Ranking #20
2010 Ranking #16
2008 Ranking #17
Score in 2012 – 2.76

Berlin is renowned for its nightlife and its culture, with a more buoyant economy than many other counties in Europe, there are possibilities for employment in numerous sectors. Berlin continues to expand and there is a wide choice of accommodation, with excellent transport links and a surprising amount of open green spaces and parks within the city. Popular with the young in Europe, Berlin is rapidly becoming the place for young people from around the world to come and live and experience.


A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index:
2012 Ranking #29
2010 Ranking #27
2008 Ranking #27
Score in 2012 – 2.32

Known throughout the world for its great living environment, exciting infrastructure and great opportunities for employment in various sectors, coupled with excellent accommodation, makes Dubai a top pick for many young people looking for somewhere different and exciting to live. With entertainment zones and an excellent standard of living, Dubai is a great place for young people.

Auckland, New Zealand

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #3

Economist’s Most Livable Cities 2011 Ranking #10

This fabulous city offers young people the space to enjoy life to the full, with great job opportunities, excellent housing and sports and leisure activities second to none. Auckland has long been the city of choice for young people, whether its work or leisure Auckland has something for everyone and is happy to share; welcoming people from all over the world who want to experience the wonders of Auckland and New Zealand.

Seattle, Washington

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #48

Seattle is a great place for you people to live, with one of the strongest economies in the US, with plenty of opportunity for the young to find employment and housing. Seattle also has a lot to offer on the fun side too, with the International Film Festival, which runs for 24 days, and numerous sporting venues, bars, restaurants, clubs and green spaces.

Oslo, Norway

Mercer Quality of Living Survey 2011 Ranking #33

The capital of Norway Oslo is one of the very best places in the world for young people to live. Excellent employment prospects, combined with top quality housing and a cost of living which allows for encouraging the young to save and have even money surplus to take full advantage of the nightlife and leisure activities, which abound in this happy city of culture.

For many young people once they escape from their life of study, expanding their horizons and experiences is a driving force, which will see them stretch their wings and take off to other cities and countries in pursuit of adventure and a different life style. For any this is a life changing experience which serves to expand their knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles, while giving them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Salvador, Brazil

Brazil attracts young people from all over the world. Brazil is famous for its fantastic carnivals, idyllic beaches and mystical cultures. Salvador is the host city for the Carnival of Salva, the biggest and best street party in the world.

With amazing 21st century buildings in the city and wonderful shacks along the beaches, Salvador is a toxic blend of work and play for the young. Clubs, bars and fun packed nightlife provides the young with the perfect combination.

Edinburgh, Scotland

With its world renowned medical research facilities and some of the very best in medical education, Edinburgh is an ideal choice for many in the medical field. An interesting city, with both modern and historic buildings and housing, the capital of Scotland, has a rich heritage and is honored as the number one UNESCO City of Literature. A lively nightlife and numerous bars, cafes and festivals Edinburgh is a favorite with young people from all over the world.


Sources: http://www.atkearney.com/index.php/Publications/2012-global-cities-index-and-emerging-cities-outlook.html





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