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5 Things Employees look for from their Employers

4 September 2012 8 Comments

In the world of work, the focus is all too often on what Employers want from their Employees not the other way around. “Professional”, “articulate”, “commercially minded” are a few of many keys words that come up in job specifications across the legal market. But what about what Employees want from their Employers? In this difficult job market, making the decision to move jobs is a big one. Is it worth the risk? What can they offer me? Below are 5 of  qualities  Employees look  for out of their Employers. This content has been provided by our friends over at BCL Legal.

1. Purpose:

It would be wrong to assume that hefty pay increases and attractive bonuses are the be all and end all for all employees. In the legal world, quality of work, exposure to new clients and responsibility all play a large part in one’s day to day worklife. “Am I making an impact, am I being heard?”.

2. Goals:

Targets, targets, targets – cumbersome for some, but realistically we all want something to work towards. This can be in the form of billings, chargeable hours, or client meetings, but the key is ensuring that employees have achievable and realistic goals, which are agreed early on and reviewed on a regular basis. Team targets are also a great way of boosting team morale.

3. Responsibility:

One of the hardest parts of management can be delegating work to those reporting in. For employees, having a manager entrusting a piece of work to them, can only add to the feeling of responsibility and overall make them feel like trusted. That’s not to say that said trust mustn’t be earned, but if an employee is ready to give that project a go, its worth letting them – even with a little guidance along the way. Two minds are better than one.

4. Autonomy:

What works for some doesn’t always work for others and this is largely down to management style. Some like to be micro managed and others prefer more of a stand back approach, where help is on hand if they need it. A happy medium is a good starting point for all new employees. Only time and performance will tell what style of management will work best with each individual employee. Again, this comes down to trust – something which needs to be earned – from both sides.

5. Flexibility:

Nowadays, work/life balance is becoming more and more key. Employees appreciate having the flexibility in their working lives. An increasing number of law firms are beginning to offer flexible working to their staff. Whilst not all employees need to depend on coming in later for doctors appointments, or finishing earlier for the school run, merely knowing that  flexibility is there can make for an all round happier work environment.

So its not all about numbers – holiday allowances and bonus figures. Sometimes its the little things that really make the difference. It’s the personal qualities that employers expect from their staff that employees would like to see reciprocated by their bosses when and where possible. Mutual trust and respect can work wonders.


  • Marion said:

    I would also add fairness in promotions/a chance to advance. I worked for a company that had a bad habit of not promoting women past a certain level, and it was very discouraging to realize that even if I worked my butt off, I wasn't going to be able to reach the top levels of the organization.

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  • Adam @ New Body Blog said:

    The first thing employees look for in my country is money and nothing else. Unfortunately. It isn't career or anything else. That's the problem in most post comunist countries I think. people are willing to do whatever if it pays well.

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