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What to Budget for After College

13 September 2012 2 Comments

During college, many students are insulated from financial distress by the support of their families and financial aid. However, upon graduation, most college graduates are expected to be able to provide for themselves financially. While a degree can be essential for finding a high-paying career, it is still important to budget for the basic necessities in order to build a firm financial foundation on which a college graduate can begin to build their career and families. Therefore, the following outline is provided to offer some suggestions of the main areas where a recent graduate will need to implement some careful financial planning:


During college, most students are focused on scrapping by. Finding free meals, cheap clothes, and the least expensive entertainment possible. This is pretty self-explanatory because students have no income. After college you might be able to continue living with a roommate to keep your expenses down, even with a steady income. The difference in rent between in-and-out of college can be very different if you live alone right away so consider keeping a friend or roommate so both can split the rent and bills.


Eating out and convenience foods can also create a drain on a person’s budget. Therefore, it is important for recent grads to practice smart grocery shopping by sticking to a list, using coupons and shopping around for deals. No longer relying on huge meals at a dining hall will really put a strain in anyone’s budget. Try cooking as much as possible or finding local deals that serve large portions for cheap because leftovers make great meals!


For the normal graduate you will be trading a sweatpants filled classroom for a an office with ties, dress socks, and high heels. A wardrobe update for most can be a very expensive step towards a career if you don’t own any business attire to being with. Some will get lucky and work for dress-code free start ups, or wear scrubs everyday in a hospital, but many will need new threads. Don’t go straight to your most expensive store for a few suits, but rather buy basic colors so you can mix-and-match so all your shirts, pants/skirts, and shoes can go together.

Car Expenses

Living close to campus may have made a car unnecessary while in college. However, many people require a car in order to commute to work every day. Car expenses can be kept under control by shopping for insurance deals. Also, many basic vehicle maintenance procedures are less expensive and simple to do at home such as oil changes.


Dating, corporate lunches, and other types of social occasions will require for entertainment to be included in the budget. However, these costs can be kept down by visiting local events that are often free or low-cost such as concerts in the park.

While these are some helpful tips that will help any graduate to budget for their basic expenses, they are only just the beginning. Therefore, anyone who is interested in making further financial gains should add John Labunski on Facebook.com in order to learn more about how to begin saving money for a bright financial future.


  • New Body said:

    I think you forgot to mention (if you're a guy) Girls. Thats where all my money went. All the restaurants and tickets to everything….

  • Snorfietsverzekering said:

    Nice article! Much of my money went to the rent i had to pay.