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Planning for Retirement in Your 20’s

25 September 2012 2 Comments

A Guide to Plan and Save for People in Their 20’s

For a higher quality of life in your retirement you need to save some money. You cannot solely depend on your government pension plan or social security. So, you need to have a proper plan to save for your retirement. To prepare a plan first you must know how much is required to live to a higher standard during your retirement. To know this you need to know how much you are spending today. Prepare a budget plan including all your incomes and expenses for your current lifestyle. And accordingly prepare your retirement plan. Here are some tips that will guide you in planning your retirement.

Start saving early:

The sooner you begin saving the more comfortable you will be in the future. Saving money is rewarded with better living. If you have not started saving yet, then it is time to start saving. It is never too late or too soon to begin saving.

Set goals:

Plan your retirement expenses based on your needs.  Based on how you want to live in your retirement you need to evaluate the costs. Then assess how much you should save in order to enjoy your retirement comfortably.

Know about your employer’s pension plan:

If your company is providing the pension plan then you must know your benefits and check whether you are covered by the plan. Also know what will happen to your pension benefit before changing jobs.

401(k) to save for retirement. Some employers offer 401(k) for your retirement savings. Make use of this and contribute all you can. The taxes will be lower and you will be getting automatic deductions as your employers offer their part.

Don’t touch your retirement savings:

Even if you encounter financial problems never take out anything from your retirement savings. You may lose tax benefits and have to pay penalties for withdrawal. Instead you can opt for payday loans which provide instant cash to meet your financial emergencies.  You can repay this on your next payday without losing your tax benefits and other benefits on your retirement savings.

Create an individual retirement account:

You can open an individual retirement account where you can save some amount of money for your retirement.  These individual retirement accounts also allow you to get the tax benefits. These are an easy way to save money. You can also set it in such a way that the some amount of money is automatically dispersed into your savings account from your checking account.

You need to bear these things in mind while you are planning to save for your retirement. If you face any difficulties you can approach a professional financial planning adviser for their advice.

Author Bio:

I’m Michelle Ryan, a tech writer from Manchester UK. I’m into finance and Business. Catch me @financeport


  • Terry Jones said:

    Guys, you're doing a terrific job telling young people about it! After all, who in their 20s cares about the retiremen?

  • mike said:

    Why on earth is a finance site recommending payday loans? That is about the most expensive credit you can get. There are many options to consider before ever going to a money mart.