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How to Choose a Life Insurance Plan

7 November 2012 2 Comments

The choice of a life insurance policy depends on many factors. One of the factors that determine your options is age- the earlier you go for it, the better suited the options can be made to relevant concerns. The next aspect to consider is the two broad categories of plans that are offered, the Term plans and the Permanent plans. It is also good to know the financial stability of the company offering life insurance before getting into the details of the plans.


Term plans are suitable to tie in with loan periods, one’s retirement age, or even children’s education. They can then be utilized in terms of both facilitation, as well as, security. Term deposits are usually also more affordable because of lower premiums. Most Life Insurance companies offer 10-, 20- or 30-year level-premium coverage periods. The draw back for Term plans is the lack of building on your cash value.


Permanent plans fall into either Universal or Whole Life Insurance plans. One of the main benefits of permanent plans is the building of your cash value, as well as the access to this value for emergencies, or even planned necessities. The Universal Life products offer the flexibility to change your coverage amount or payment schedule after the purchase. Wholesale life products offer level premiums and guaranteed values even by schedule.


Finally, there are free facilities on the Internet to compare term life insurance quotes from top rated companies. They combine life insurance quotes online with the personal service of unbiased life insurance professionals that can answer your questions, identify critical issues and make good recommendations.


  • Aram Durphy said:

    Good post. Life insurance is one of the more overlooked pieces of a complete financial plan. Life insurance (along with a 6 month emergency fund and no high interest debt) will help maintain financial flexibility when unexpected events occur.

  • Insurance Leads said:

    First of all want to thanks writer of this post.. who is describe life insurance plan in very simple words. Thanks for share informative post..