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How the Internet can Lower Your Credit Card Rates

24 December 2012 One Comment

One of the simplest ways to add wealth to your name and take another step towards financial independence is to save money on costs that you can control.  For example, cutting down on restaurant dinners and choosing to eat more at home prevents you from spending money that is better spent elsewhere.  This is particularly important for those of us who are students, graduates, and young working professionals who are typically very guilty of this spending habit.

However, amassing wealth means more than cutting down on dinners.  It is also important to save money on how we pay for those dinners, particularly by using a credit card.  Young professionals largely remain unaware that credit card rates are negotiable, albeit with the right leverage.  Credit card companies are no longer able to dictate what they feel is a justifiable credit card interest rate because the internet provides websites to help you find lower, more affordable rates.  Sites such as LowestRates contain valuable tools that you can use to build leverage when you negotiate with a provider for a more affordable credit card rate.

LowestRates functions by comparing the advertised rates from some of the largest providers in the US, in order to help you find the lowest possible rate you can leverage.  In minutes you have an offer from providers you may have never considered before, which also saves you the time and the trouble of having to visit these locations in person.  This way when you want to apply for a new credit card, you have all the leverage in the negotiation because you have all the information at your disposal.  If one provider is proposing higher rates than another, you can choose to continue negotiating or walk away secure that you have another offer available.

LowestRates works similar to how Travelocity helps you build affordable vacation packages – the service exists to help you save time and money on important services.  Lower credit card rates can transition into hundreds, if not thousands of dollars saved each year.  This is particularly important if you are a student or a young graduate beginning your career.  The less you pay in credit card charges, the more money you retain to make a living or put away into a savings account.  In the aftermath of the financial disaster, financial experts are continuously stressing the importance of finding ways to save – which makes lower credit card rates all the more important.

Money you save from lower rates can be used to capitalize on benefits from certain types of credit cards that carry rewards.  Whether you prefer cashback rewards, travel rewards points, or another type of benefits package LowestRates helps you perform all the research you need to find the specific credit cards that carry the rewards points you want to build.  In just a few minutes of browsing the selection of rewards cards, you can find all the rewards plans you are looking for from the most common US providers – all the while leveraging the lowest possible rates for those plans that you can leverage.

The internet is a wealthy tool of valuable knowledge, and knowledge allows you to make smart, disciplined financial decisions.  These online resources help you to save time and money as you plan to become financially independent.  It is always better to pay lower rates and charges because less money paid is more money saved.

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