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Ways to Save Money at Any Age

27 January 2013 2 Comments

invWhile everyone has heard the term a penny saved is a penny earned most of us never live by this phrase. There are however many ways that one can help save money that are not as difficult to live by as you may think. Not all tips are for everyone. Everyone places value on certain things more than others but if you look over some of these tips you may realize that you could try some of these out and be surprised with how much you could end up saving. These too are also only some ways you could save. Anyone who is serious about buckling down on there expenditures would do the best actually brainstorming themselves and see where they put their money. Personalizing ways to save money it the key. Many will frown as such ideas but some will take note, once again these are just tips.

 1. Shop for clothes at 2nd hand stores. Many people have the wrong impression of used clothing stores. While some may be quit dirty, there are several that are pretty nice considering. While some items may make you wonder how they got in, there are standards they have to keep the store decent. Most will never accept stained clothing or anything ripped or in need of repair. So many of the items have also barely even been put on and yet come at a fraction of the price of new clothes. You can really find some great pieces at a fraction of the price and no one can tell they are not brand new.

2. Keep those grocery fliers to compare prices and only try to buy things that are on sale. I know this does not always work well as there could be some items on sale you need at one store yet you would have to go 15 minutes away in order to get others, but within reason.

3. When ordering telephone, cable and internet services, make them work for your business. While their prices may always seem set in stone, they not always are. I once asked a phone, cable, internet provider for a certain discount or I was leaving. They said sorry we can’t do this and gave reasons. I then phoned right back up, got a different operator and was able to get the discount in order to keep my business. This works the best if a competitor in the field is offering something cheaper, you can then simply ask them to match the price, or of course, you can just leave for the cheaper provider.

4. While this is no secret, always be sure to pay every bill on time! Never pay anything late. Interest charges on everything from late hydro bills to department stores bills just end up costing you much more money in the long run, not to mention can tarnish your credit rating.

5. Cut down on the energy used in your home, replace light bulbs with more efficient ones, use a programmable thermostat, take shorter showers etc.

6. Instead of purchasing anything impulsively, write it down and look at your list a day later. Stores are great at marketing and often catch people unguarded. If you are like many, you may end up buying something you really didn’t need and may hardly even use. Waiting a day helps you to determine if it a just an impulse or if it would be a good buy.

7. Ask yourself, do I have enough money to actually buy this, if you answer not really than don’t buy it, it is a simple as that. Anyone tip is use cash or cash equivalent instead of credit to keep a better eye on your finances.

8. While this may sound counter productive, don’t end up being a miser either. Do your best to save money and live within your means, but don’t pinch every penny so hard that you end up folding it in half. 🙂

Let me know your ways what works for you?….


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    Great suggestions on how to save money. I usually buy my clothes on second hand stores and sometimes I just use hand-me-down clothes from my mom. I don't splurge on these items because I would rather put my money in good use such as paying of high interest debts or investing it.

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    Agree on this tips, maybe useful to others who really wants to save money and unlimited shopping won't tempt them.