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The Rise Of Video Conferencing

22 February 2013 2 Comments

canstockphoto7976745As the world becomes more technologically advanced, Issues like Video Conferencing is becoming increasingly expensive and an attractive alternative to face to face meetings. Not only is travel decreased in doing this but the meetings are essentially just as effective due to quality video and audio technological advancements. In fact as much as 70% of people would rather meet this way. I would not doubt any stress due to a face to face meeting would be greatly reduced this way too. People would feel more at ease in a video conference. It is agreed by senior management officials that Video Conferencing will replace conference calls and become the preferred method of business communications. This also can help reduce the companies budgets meeting in this fashion as it reduces travel and possibly office costs.

The Rise of Video Conferencing
Source: The Rise of Video Conferencing

Infographic provided by video conference calling firm Powwownow


  • Tayo said:

    Video Conferencing is on the rise yes! But we also need to bear in mind the fact that for most people in sub saharan africa, where broadband penetration is still very low have difficulties in fully utilizing video conferencing unless they are on a leased line. The average broadband connection in Africa stands below 3.2Mbps which won't be optimal for video conferencing

  • killer stories said:

    I definitely think that Video Conferencing is the most prospering point in IT in the latest months. Most of the firms started to make interviews through Video Conferences, they make meetings, most of the people start using it to communicate, so definitely my suggestion is true. I'm thinking of moving in this direction of IT.