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Top 5 Financially Savvy Transportation Choices

28 February 2013 4 Comments

bicycle-line141348Since the economic crisis in 2008, many hard-working Americans were left without the necessities that many of us take for granted. Things like the costs of a decent home, food prices, and transportation became a bigger part of the national conversation and many have taken a hard look at their monthly budgets. After the national wake-up call from came five years ago, people have become more aware of exactly how much they spend on transportation. Here are five every-day transportation choices that financially savvy are switching too in an effort to save some cash.

1.    Bicycle

Riding your bike to work is a smart, healthy and energy efficient way to cut down on transportation costs. Every day, more and more Americans are ditching their gas guzzling vehicles for the simplicity of a bicycle. According to a Census Bureau report, more than 77,000 people used a bicycle as their primary means of transportation to work in 2011. Despite some people’s reluctance to cycle regularly, riding a bike can improve your physical health, and bring you closer to your local community. There’s something special about riding through the streets and sidewalks; not isolating yourself behind a windshield. Most importantly, riding a bike could save you nearly $250-$300 a month. That’s a lot of dough!


2.    Public Transportation

There’s no shame in taking a bus or train as part of your daily commute. In fact, in many of America’s bigger cities, driving yourself to work is just impractical. Even if you don’t live in a large metropolitan area, supplementing your normal transportation choices with public alternatives is a great way to save some extra cash. It can also be used as a period of relaxation during your day. Trade in traffic jams and fighting over parking spots for a good book you read while taking the Metrorail.


3.    Carpooling

Carpooling is a great way to save money without comprising on convenience. Gather up your co-workers and claim the holy grail of morning rush hour traffic – the carpool lane! It’s simple math really. If you share the cost of gas with 4 people, you’ll only pay a quarter of what you normally would pay on the road. Plus, taking a ride with your colleagues can help to improve your mood (granted you all get along) and start your day off right.


4.    Motorcycle

Strap on your helmet and hit the road! Motorcycles are a cheap and stylish alternative option for those looking for a bit of thrill in their ride. Motorcycles generally run much cheaper than a standard vehicle and are much more fuel efficient. A typical motorcycle tops out at 60 mpg. To put that in perspective, a hybrid car tops out at 50 mpg. Now that’s efficiency! If you enjoy the thrill of the wind blowing in your hair and don’t need to haul around a bunch of kids, than a motorcycle could be the money-saving transportation choice you’ve been looking for.


5.    Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Despite all of the great alternative vehicle choices for those on a budget, nothing can really beat the convenience and practicality of owning your own vehicle. The good news is that since the economic collapse, auto manufacturers have stepped up to the demand for more fuel efficient and energy saving vehicles. Hybrid vehicles can help you to save money on gas and reduce your carbon footprint. Even high end auto brands like Cadillac sell hybrids and hybrid SUVs which you can see at www.williamsoncadillac.com. At the end of the day, parents and those who need vehicles to use on job sites don’t have many options when it comes to their transportation choices. It’s better to go with something that will use up less gas.


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  • Pam@Pennysaverblog said:

    Very true. In this day and age saving money is key and if we can use another mode of transportation rather than drive, or at least carpool, we will be much farther ahead financially. And it's good for the environment, too, so it's good all around.

  • Joe Oliver said:

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    I commute to work every day and have done so for over 30 years. It is the best deal in town. As for bikes, people need to visit Amsterdam to see how this could really help our country.

  • ventura airporter said:

    Transportation is one of the major issues for any country. If a country has good transport system then people would love to go the place. But due some economic crisis in United States in 2008 Americans were left out without necessities. There are five basic means of transportation which will financially support us and they are using a bicycle, using public transportation, car pooling, motorcycle, and last but not least we should use fuel efficient vehicle.