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Vacationing on a Budget

4 March 2013 2 Comments

iStock_000003587174SmallVacationing on a budget is something all of us want to do, but few succeed. Lack of planning and knowledge about how to travel and vacation on a budget deter most people from keeping their vacation costs under a specific budget. That is why we present to you some very useful tips that will help you keep your vacation costs under control.

Plan for a Budget Vacation

To vacation on a budget, you have to plan to be on a budget. A plan should include the costs of your stay, travelling and other expenses before you start out on the vacation. You do not have to know how much you will spend precisely, but it is a good idea to have some figure for these costs so that you do not overshoot your budget. Once you have the budget in mind, you should try to shop for plane tickets and hotel reservation ahead of time so that you can get a deal when the costs of are lower. It is well-known that weekdays are less busy than weekends when it comes to flights and hotel bookings, so you should try to use that to your advantage.

Talk to Hotels to Get Better Deals

A lot of hotels can be convinced to give you a better deal than what they are offering by talking to them. This does not work every time, but even if you have to call five hotels to get a 20% discount and the lowest rate, then it is definitely something worth doing.

Travel during off-tourist Season

For every region or country, some months are busier than others when it comes to tourism. In busier months, it is normal to see twenty times as many tourists as on the lowest period of the year. Following the principle of supply and demand, the local hotels and businesses will then have higher prices during the tourist season. To save on that extra cost, you can schedule your vacation so that you can avoid the high tourist season.


This is another way for you to save on money when travelling. A number of online services can connect you with hosts who will be willing to host you for free or a much lower rate than a typical hotel.

Pack a Snack when out sightseeing

You do not have to have a big meal whenever you are out sightseeing and it is time to have a meal. Rather, you can also have a snack you have packed for the purpose. Packing a snack is not only cost-effective because it saves you money, but it is also a time-saver. When you are out doing touristy stuff, having a full meal in a restaurant may distract you from the local attractions. Some days you may want to savor the local cuisine, but that you can do in a planned manner too. Normally, it is a good idea to pack a snack for your lunch whenever you are out sightseeing.

The aforementioned ideas are the top five ideas that you should implement when you want to vacation on a budget. All of them are easy to follow up on, and do not require any special luck or ability. However, they do require planning and effort on your part, and we hope that you are motivated enough to follow through with at least some of them!


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