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Popular College Internships Now

24 June 2013 One Comment

canstockphoto9953034It’s proven that to land an internship at a quality firm you can’t sit on the sidelines. You have to take immediate action. Internships are popular as they can land you in front of the decision makers of leading corporations.

According to an article by Bloomberg BusinessWeek students seeking internships should start planning a year ahead as almost a third of 200 of the largest companies have already started their recruiting process. True internships will offer students a challenge and they will contribute to the organization. They also will be paid internships so students earn and learn. Here are the 10 most popular college internships now to target from advertising agencies to engineering programs.

Bain & Company
They offer a few locations including Boston, MA and hire about 500 interns. Their paid internships are up to 12 weeks. Bain is a global management consulting firm advising all sorts of industries. As one of their Associate Consultant Interns you will immediately be assigned a case and start collecting data.

Capital Fellows Program
64 prominent interns will take our nation’s capital by storm. Besides academic credit, these interns earn a monthly salary of $1,972 and receive health and dental benefits. Their internship is about 10 or 11 months. This program is a collection of four fellowships for the Assembly, Senate, Executive, and Judicial Administration.

Deloitte & Touche LLP
This is a popular internship opportunity for those interested in one of Deloitte’s four key areas: audit, consulting, financial advisory and taxes. Deloitte offers more than 500 paid internships for six months. Deloitte has offices across the US. In this role you will be expected to offer real business solutions.

Houlihan Lokey
Through their worldwide offices in NY, the United Kingdom, and Germany, they offer 62 paid summer internships for up to 12 weeks. This global investment banking firm offers some of the top financial internships.

JP Morgan Chase
As many college students will be happy enough to be a teller over the summer, over 100 other students will intern at this financial giant for up to 12 weeks. JP Morgan Chase will hire throughout New York and other US cities.

KPMG hires an astounding 2,000 interns a year. Even with that many internship opportunities, these are still highly competitive accounting positions to go for. KPMG accepts the brightest applicants in their audit, advisory, and tax specialties.

Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program
This is the program an upcoming scientist would pursue. The Fellows Program pays a $4,500 salary to 11 interns. This is a highly selective and competitive program. It is geared for graduate and post-graduate students focused on science, engineering and mathematics placing them at media organizations nationwide.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios
50 college interns will have one of the most creative jobs going This 20-week internship experience will place students in departments such as Animation Production, Casting for Animation, and Business and Legal Affairs. They also receive company perks such as business skills workshops and lunches with executives.

Northwestern Mutual
Based in Milwaukee, WI, Northwestern Mutual hires 3,200 interns annually to be Financial Representatives. The interns are paid via a stipend and commissions. Their commissions are unlimited making this a great opportunity in which interns truly push for their goal in investment management, insurance, and financial services.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest gives an opportunity to 120 interns a year. In addition to receiving academic credit they are also paid. Interns enjoy the 12 through 15 week extensive learning program. They have opportunities in just about every department and every college major is accepted including Advertising, Corporate Social Responsibility, Marketing, and Statistics.

With this new knowledge of the competition that exists for internships keep your options open. Applying as an intern can land you the role you’d like in a different industry opening the doors for a future full-time opportunity or just the chance to learn new skills.

For instance, in an article published by USA Today, global pharmaceutical leader Abbot Laboratories has tripled their interns worldwide in the past five years going from 300 to 900 interns. It’s on.

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  • Kari said:

    To get into a job you really need a good internship or a few internships. And to get an internship…you can't just turn up with a smile and pretend to love work. Through college you should work on extra projects to get those internships to help get that job when you graduate. A lot don't try…don't get internships…and wonder why when they graduate they can't find work!