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How Effective Lead Capture Can Increase Your Business’s ROI

11 July 2013 3 Comments

How Effective Lead Capture Can Increase Your Business ROIIn an era of digital marketing, many businesses are looking for ways to make sure that virtually every click they pay for results in a meaningful interaction with their target customer. This can be a pretty tricky process for firms that haven’t had much experience in digital marketing, search engine rankings, and other processes designed to win new customers and generate new leads. By focusing on four key areas, though, businesses can reduce their cost per click and increase the return on investment that results from their online marketing efforts.

Sound Online Marketing Practices

The first thing to understand about generating new leads and conversions is that those things will only happen when the company employs smart online marketing .This involves a few key components:


  • Strong search engine marketing that targets a given demographic
  • Strategic, contextual advertising on third-party websites
  • Paid search listings that develop the company’s brand


Marketers should develop a list of the key demographics targeted by a given business. For example, an accounting firm should look to engage with a company specialized in marketing for accountants. They may create a marketing campaign that focuses on novice taxpayers, small business owners, or large corporations that need help with bookkeeping. The business should then generate keywords that target those individuals and test well when paired with search engine optimization practices. Finally, strong marketing copy should be developed that caters to each targeted demographic group.

Prepare to Capture Leads with a Usable Form
Smart search engine marketing and website advertising will direct customers not to the company’s homepage, but to a landing page that can help to unmask and identify new leads. Customers should be presented with the strong online marketing copy created earlier, and that copy should be pared with a form that encourages them to enter their name, contact information, interests, and any other information relevant to the company’s marketing pursuits.

The goal is to develop a relationship with the customer through timely and relevant email dispatches, as well as other targeted communications, which guide them toward products and services offered. An accounting firm, for instance, would engage with novice taxpayers using a series of informative newsletters about deductions, credits, and tax filing procedures. It might do something a bit different for small business or corporate leads.

Great Usability for Forms and Other Website Elements

A great contact form is only worth implementing if it’s highly usable and makes sense to the end user. When developing a strong landing page that coincides with digital marketing efforts, businesses should be sure that the form is well-designed, highly usable, and has a logical flow to it. This will ensure that the largest amount of data capture occurs after every click, making each click worth the money. Valuable clicks offset the price of pay-per-click advertising, increasing a company’s overall ROI.

Focus on Creating an Intuitive Website

Many customers will find a company and learn about its services through its traditional website, rather than a marketing-designed landing page. The website, then, should be highly intuitive. A strong navigation should be paired with easily readable marketing copy, an “about us” section that focuses on the company’s staff, and a design that is as visually pleasing as it is easy to read.

Clear Goals and Websites Can Boost ROI in a Big Way

By setting a clear list of targeted keywords, advertising via pay-per-click options, and guiding customers to intuitive and logical pages on the company’s website, each click paid for can be a successful lead generated. This increases ROI and reduces the cost per click to the company itself, propelling it to new heights with a very wide audience.


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