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5 Top Tech Jobs for Recent Grads

16 July 2013 8 Comments

According to CNET, 280,000 graduates were working at minimum-wage jobs after graduation in 2013. So, what is it that is keeping them from finding meaningful work? Well, it’s partially the economy, but it’s also the subject of their degree. If you want to find a job right out of college nowadays, you’re best off choosing a degree in math, science, or technology. Those are the fastest growing job markets right now. Take a look at these five tech jobs that you can get as a recent grad.

App Programmer


Image via Flickr by blmurch

Forbes says that more than half of Americans own smartphones and many own tablets, too. That’s why a job as an app programmer is a great way to start your career in technology. Companies are constantly in need of people to design apps. Of course, you could also take on this job as a freelancer and be your own boss. Smartphones and tablets aren’t going anywhere, which means the app programmer job title is pretty secure.

Tech Support Specialist

Customer support isn’t always the best job, but it’s not bad in the technology field. Companies like to hire recent grads that are comfortable with modern-day technology because they are easy to train. There are all sorts of tech support jobs and BlackBerry has a great program for recent grads. When a company allows employees to BYOD with BlackBerry, sometimes they need to talk to a tech support specialist to get everything setup correctly—that’s where you come in.

Database Administrator

The Internet has a never-ending supply of information and data, and companies need employees that can manage it all. That’s why studying computer science and then becoming a database administrator is a good career path. As a database administrator, you might be responsible for monitoring servers, analyzing data, or creating reports for senior level management.

Internet Marketer

In today’s business world, everyone is expected to have a website. However, getting that website to rank well in the search engines is a tough job. That’s why becoming an Internet marketer is a great job for recent grads. You can help companies maximize their revenue by doing better with their advertising and marketing on the Internet.

Website Designer/Programmer

Companies don’t want to have a standard website layout—they want something customized to match their brand. Then, once the initial website is designed, they need someone to maintain it. As a website designer or programmer, you’ll have a seemingly endless supply of work. It is one of the best jobs you can get out of college. Of course, most companies care more about your design portfolio than your actual degree, so make sure to build it as you study in school.

These are just a few of the top tech jobs you can get as a recent grad. The technology industry is vast and the opportunities are practically limitless. So, if you don’t want to worry about being unemployed or working for minimum wage when you graduate, make sure you’re working towards the right degree, one in math, science or technology.


  • Simon said:

    As unemployment soars in other sectors, the tech industry is soaring in the number of jobs being created each day. Its probably something college students should take into consideration when springing for their majors…tech is probably the future and opportunities keep opening up. Awesome post!

  • Yesh said:

    I would have loved to have these kinds of jobs – the techie kind of job. But I majored in economics. Bummer.

  • Kari said:

    I graduated in 2012 and got a job really fast. Here is what I did to get a job in tech as a graduate:

    – Improved my CV with work experience; free internships working for companies in tech for NO pay. I even had to pay to travel to work so probably spent $2,000 and gained nothing for summer internships, every summer through a 3 year college degree.
    – Applied to 1000+ jobs. If you apply online you can apply on some websites with just one click of a button, so while 1000 sounds very high, it really is not hard. You can send 50-100 applications a day in half an hour easily. I never ever bothered with a cover letter, I just spammed my resume which should be good enough (with the work experience).
    – Failed interview one. Succeeded in interview two.
    – Got a job in tech.

    By the way, if you look at your resume and you are still listing how you ran a lemonade stand or used to coach pee-wee hockey leagues, you won't get any interest in you. Everybody has the basic work experience of working in restaurants and casual part time jobs, so when I see those on a resume now when I am hiring people, it tells me you are just waffling and hiding the fact that you didn't get tech experience; either nobody was willing to pay you for your tech skills part time or you were so lazy / unable to even work for free. Either way is bad. Try and get work experience and finding a job because rediculously easy because you'll deserve it, don't expect to just finish school and deserve a great salary and job – what they teach you in school is only half what you need to know.

  • sewa mobil said:

    I am sure that these position have a very high salary. Thanks for the information.

  • Quotenor said:

    Nice post. I think that after completing a computer science degree one should be able to start his own business like blogging, product development, freelancing etc.

  • Len said:

    It is so tough for many grads, not only in tech positions, but elsewhere. There is just so much competition out there. Those who get jobs asap should be very appreciative, work hard to keep this position. Especially in this economy! Thanks for the read.

  • Nithin Upendran said:

    I think computer programmer and App developers are the best and most opted jobs by young lads.App developing had become a platform for steady money making.Thanks for sharing this information with us !

  • Oge said:

    I run an Accounting blog with an internet marketing experience which has generate over figure income- Internet marketer is the best of all!