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The Advantages of Buying an Established Business

25 August 2013 No Comment

canstockphoto8160917Buying a ready-made business is often easier than starting a business from scratch and is somewhat less risky. With an array of commercial properties for sale, you can find one that suits your needs, interests, time and budget. Of course, buying another person’s business does present risks, but the advantages are also numerous. It will save time and frustration if you have some knowledge of the industry when researching commercial properties for sale.

Processes in Place
The great thing about an established business is that the previous proprietor has already done much of the work, so there will be a reduction in start-up costs and a customer base already in place. However, you should review the certified financial records of the business, as well as cash flow statements, accounts payable and receivable, balance sheets, employee files, and benefits and contracts, including major contracts and those with employees.

Cash Flow is Immediate
Existing inventory and accounts receivable facilitate an immediate flow of cash as the business follows its usual course. Since you have already made your major investment, this is a very strong advantage of an established business.

Financial History Affords Projections
You can improve in areas that are lacking as your first challenge. Otherwise, planning is made easier with a history that is already established with patterns shown. An established business that has been successful makes it easier to obtain future loans.

Immediate Access to Materials
You will already have a plant, factory and facility. You do not have to buy equipment; it is included. Knowledge can be gained from those who are presently there, including workers and managers, making your job easier and more productive.

A Market for the Product is Established
If the business has a positive track record, there is a good chance that an abundance of goodwill is already part of it, making future sales and marketing much easier and less likely to be problematic.

Managers are Already in Place
Because your managers have abundant knowledge of the business, you need only to consult and learn from them, making it easier to run a smoother operation. Their experience is a resource that should be utilised and taken advantage of.

The Business Brings Enjoyment
Buying a business that excites you is a good step in the right direction. Whether it is linked to a favourite hobby or previous study, you will have a better understanding of the organization. This knowledge and familiarity of the field will aid in the purchasing process as well.

Learn about the legal aspects and more at Nolo. Whatever type of business you purchase, you should analyse it and know why it is being sold. Also to be noted are costs, both fixed and variable, as well as outstanding debts and other liabilities. Carefully review the purchase agreement and visit the Australian Business Initiative webpage for other tips. Running a good business with a successful history will be one of the major advantages of buying a ready-made business. It can lead to earning a substantial income and personal and professional enjoyment in the process.

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