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Top 6 Things to do With Your Business Administration Degree

3 September 2013 No Comment

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If you’re approaching your last years in an undergraduate college, and you’ve chosen to pursue a business administration degree, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is you’ll do once you graduate. With this degree, your options are endless. There are a variety of career paths within different fields available to you, or you could decide to pursue a graduate degree. Whatever you decide, you’re career outlook is stable and rewarding.

6. Become an Accountant

With a Business Administration degree, you could become an accountant in either the public and voluntary sector of business. You could work for a bank, a manufacturing company, a charity, a publisher, a film company, a hospital trust, an insurance company, or a university. You could also audit for a private company where you would visit companies and look at their finances and strategies. Determining what makes them profitable and what makes them lose money will be a key duty in your career. If you like managing money decisions, an accountant is the right career path for you.

5. Become an Advertising Account Executive

If you’re interested in both managing money and working in the advertising industry, you could become an advertising account executive. You will advise clients, brief agency departments, present proposals to clients, manage advertising, create a budget, and proof-read and approve advertisements and artwork. Your possible employers are advertising agencies, media independents, public relations agencies, design consultants, and sales promotion and direct marketing agencies.

4. Become a Banking Manager

After earning your business administration degree and undergoing manager training, you can become a banking manager. You will be responsible for the daily duties of managing a banking branch, supervising activities of the branch, bringing in new customers to boost profits, helping create policies, setting targets and making sure they are met, and handling customer complaints. A career as a banking manager is rewarding because you’re helping both your clients and the bank manage money.

3. Become a Buyer

If you enjoy working with retail stores, a retail buyer is a great career to pursue with a business administration degree. As a retail buyer you will manage a shop or store, maximize that store’s sales, achieve sales targets, and control banking. Your future employers could be department stores, supermarkets, small shops, and retail superstores.

2. Become an Insurance Underwriter

If insurance seems like an interesting field for you, then becoming an insurance underwriter is an appropriate career path. Your daily duties will include arranging insurance for clients, calculating the risks clients face, and suggesting appropriate insurance for your clients. You will need to be knowledgeable about insurance and have great written communication skills to perform your job correctly.

1. Further Your Education with a GraduateSchool Degree

If you feel the desire to take your business knowledge to the next level, then pursuing a graduate degree is the right step to take. You will most likely pursue a Master of Business Administration. Comprehensive business administration courses include accounting, finance, marketing, microeconomics, statistics, marketing strategy, international business, and advanced financial analysis, just to name a few. Once you obtain your master’s degree, you’ll likely qualify for more administrative jobs.

There are many options available to you once you receive your business administration degree. Which of these career or graduate school options seem the most interesting to you?


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