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Getting The Right Car Insurance

25 November 2013 No Comment

canstockphoto15236107Getting The Right Car Insurance 

Having car insurance is a legal requirement. It is not like housing insurance or other forms of insurance, whereby you are gambling a little by not having it. There are three different types of car insurance policies, and ironically the best and most comprehensive policy is sometimes the cheapest on offer. To drive a car you at least need the most basic type of insurance which is third-party insurance. The only exception is when you officially register your car as off-road, with a Statutory Off-Road Notification.

Third-Party Third-party is the minimum insurance you can legally have. This type of insurance doesn’t provide you any cover but it does give other drivers cover. If you injure another person or cause damage to their property, then they’re covered. However, if your car is stolen you will have to pay for it yourself. If you can’t find any well-priced comprehensive covers then this would be your best option.

Third Party, Fire and Theft  This type of car insurance is very similar to pure third party insurance. Again, this cover provides protection for other people if you injure them. The big difference with this type of insurance is the cover it allows you. Unlike the normal thirty party insurance, this one does cover repairs or replacement if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. However, if your own car is damage in an accident, you will have to pay for it yourself.

Comprehensive Cover  When a car is fully comprehensive it means that it is covered for all incidents. It forms the highest level of cover so you can feel assured whilst driving. As well as the basic cover offered by the other forms of insurance, this type is the only one that offers you cover if you damage your car at any point – even if the accident was your fault. This type of insurance also makes it legal for you to drive other people’s cars if you have their permission.

Get Help to Make Your Decision  Making a decision on which type of car insurance to get and who to go with can be tough. It is important that you take your time and really research. This way you can make sure you don’t miss that extremely cheap fully-comprehensive offer. Getting advice on who to go with is a good idea, and One Sure Insurance is a company that will be able to give you some invaluable independent advice.


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