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Home Remodeling: When Is The Right Time To Start?

21 March 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto1601494For those homeowners who might be considering an extensive remodel or renovation, several factors may contribute to the decision. Regardless of the reason for deciding to add on to an existing home, a carefully planned and executed project will result in more room for growing families, families with an eye on value, and couples who are looking forward to a comfortable retirement.

A Fundamental Need To Grow 
Many homeowners will choose to remodel or build an addition based on pure necessity. When growing families begin to compete for living space, even the most comfortable homes will start to feel cramped and cluttered.

For families who are invested in their community, relocating may not be an option worth pursuing. Whether it’s for business reasons or there are a number of children that are completely immersed in the local school system, remodeling and expansion will often prove to be the best possible solution.

The Basic Need For Change 
Regardless of a family’s size, many homeowners will choose to remodel simply because they feel the need for a positive change. Whether it’s been decided that the kitchen and bathroom are in desperate need of an upgrade, or theirs is a sudden need for a functional home office, homeowners will often build onto their homes and pursue aggressive remodeling projects that reflect their own personal growth.

A Watchful Eye On The Bottom Line 
While every family will experience its own level of personal growth, the world around us is changing constantly. Homeowners will often remodel and choose to add room additions based on innovations in energy saving technology, economic trends as they relate to energy costs, and efforts to become more self-sustaining.

Remodels based on these factors might include upgrading and adding energy efficient windows, adding a sunroom or greenhouse space, integrating solar technology into the home, or adding other sources of alternative energy.

Building Equity 
For those families who are interested in increasing the overall value of their home, adding additional living space is the perfect solution. This is especially true for those homeowners who might be considering the home’s resale value.

Couples who purchase starter homes may remodel immediately or they may wait until their budget allows. While building onto an existing home is generally done to accommodate growth, it’s also necessary when thinking about resale. By considering their resale options when designing additions and planning remodeling projects, homeowners will make their property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Retirement Planning 
For couples who are planning their retirement, moving may not be an option. Homeowners who are emotionally and financially invested in their property will often choose to remodel rather than relocate. While remodeling may simply be a way to start fresh, it’s often done in order to create a more manageable home for aging couples.

Making a home more comfortable might simply mean adding rooms on lower floors that are more accessible, making older stairways more forgiving, adapting entryways to make them more accommodating, and making kitchens and bathrooms safer and more functional.

While some homeowners who don’t have the option to relocate, remodeling makes perfect sense. For others who simply can’t imagine living in a different space, remodeling and building onto an existing home is a wonderful way to get a fresh start in a space they already love.

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