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What to look for in ERP Software

9 June 2014 No Comment

SJD Accountancy, IR35Managing your small business is no small task. With responsibilities like payroll, inventory, marketing, and shipping costs to deal with, a great small business ERP software solution can go a long way in streamlining your operations. Here is what to look for in your next ERP software purchase.

Has every feature you need (and maybe some you don’t). Every business is unique, so your ERP software should have all of the features that your business will need. You might also consider some features that you don’t need now, but might in the future. For example, you may not have a warehouse now, but a warehouse management feature would be of use to you when you do have one.

Scalability. The software should be scalable, for the times when you decide to grow or shrink your business. More customers will mean more orders, bigger budgets, and increased customer service requests. Your software should grow with your business.

Importing capability. No business owner should have to manually input all of their data from an old software program. Make sure you new software solution has import capability, so you neither lose the valuable data you have nor have to input it all by hand.

Integration. Integration means that you can easily use programs alongside the ERP software, thus easily exchanging data and processes between the two. For example, an ERP program with Microsoft Excel integration means that you can integrate Microsoft Excel into the software, giving you the ability to use Excel within the software.

CRM feature. CRM (Customer Relationship management) is an important part of any business. Without customers, you have nothing. Be sure that your ERP software allows you to easily organize and automate your customer service, sales, marketing, and tech support operations.

ERP software should be a valuable investment in the future of your company. Make sure that this investment pays off by choosing the software solution that is right for your organization.

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