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Build Your Business by Creating an Online Store

13 June 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto5265049As more and more consumers head online to shop or compare items, creating an online store is a good option for any business no matter the size. Whether you are an established seller with a store front or a new seller looking to start an online business, having an e Commerce site will enhance the opportunities you have to reach customers. By expanding your customer base, you can reach shoppers that were previously out of reach and could not get to your store without the use of the web. Online stores also allow businesses the ability to sell more items and a variety of choices.

Getting Started

While the idea of building an online store might seem daunting to business owners, and maybe seem like another headache they don’t want to take on, creating an online store may be easier than you think. As the demand for online shopping has increased, so have the companies that help get business owners started online. There are plenty of e Commerce vendors that can help you open a store quickly, according to Entrepreneur. These sites often let you design the overall look, feel and functionality of your online store.

Many of these sites will take care of the more complicated online items. These services take care of all the hosting, payment integration and technical details, according to e Commerce Fuel, allowing you to quickly get a site up and running.

One thing to remember when launching your site is that if your company already has a website or a brand, the e Commerce site should reflect that appearance to keep the continuity for customers. You want your company to be easily recognizable whether customers are physically in your store, on your website or purchasing from your e Commerce site.

It is important for you to be involved in the building of the online store. This allows you to learn the system if you need to someday train others, and it also allows you to prioritize what is important to have on the site and what can be added later so that you can launch quickly and start generating revenue.

Displaying Your Product

One of the downfalls of e Commerce is that customers cannot touch, see or feel the actual product you are selling them. Having high-quality photos and good product descriptions can help customers make their decisions. Written product descriptions should be short, yet rich enough with details to pique customer interest, according to Entrepreneur. Another good strategy is to list different uses for the product to help customers envision what they could do with the product.

Allowing customers to review your products on the site can be a good idea. Ratings and reviews can boost confidence in your store. Positive comments about your products can be a boost, but there is the risk of having negative comments crop up as well. The key will be to monitor comments, and most hosting sites will allow you to remove negative comments.

Getting the Word out

Once the e Commerce site is up and running, you have to let people know it is there. Having a site online can be easier to advertise for than regular brick and mortar stores. Use social media to increase traffic to your site. This is a free option that only costs you the time needed to keep up to date with social media posts. And you need to keep your site fresh.

If you have a website, including a link to your e Commerce site is a must. For those with a brick and mortar store, putting your e Commerce store address on signs around the building and including your e Commerce web address on any promotional materials you send out will help drive traffic.

Monitoring the Success of the Store

It is important to keep track of how well the store is doing or not doing so changes can be made and problems can be corrected. Many e Commerce hosting sites offer free analytics and other reporting tools to keep track of the site’s performance. You can get all sorts of information from these reports, including where people who visit your site live, how long they are on your site and what products they look at the most. All of these report data can be useful in deciding what products to sell and promote online. It can also save the trouble and expense of continuing to offer products that customers don’t want.

An e Commerce site can enhance any business, but like a physical store, it needs to be maintained and looked after to operate properly. But the upside of reaching new customers and increased product availability make an e Commerce site a must for most businesses.

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