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What is an Executive MBA?

27 June 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto8610559An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree is a graduate-level business degree. It is similar to a traditional MBA except for the type of student it targets. An EMBA degree is designed for working professionals such as executives, entrepreneurs and other business leaders.

Several American colleges and universities offer the EMBA degree to meet the needs of business professionals. Washington State University (WSU) is one example. “U.S. News and World Report” ranks the WSU online degree among the nation’s top 10 online business programs.

Online graduates credit their broadened perspective with giving them a definite edge in the business world. For executives, an EMBA degree sharpens their business acumen and refines their problem-solving skills. For entrepreneurs, the program’s focus on innovation that escalates their business stature.

Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA programs vary from one school to the next. However, they are all designed for working professionals. Their flexibility allows students to attend class during evenings and weekends. Most programs enable students to earn their degree in two years or less.

Executive MBA students are usually mid-stage in their careers. They are rarely in the early stages. Some business professionals pursue an EMBA to improve their career options and advancement opportunities. Others enroll in an online program to update their business knowledge and skills.

Executive MBA Costs

Just as executive MBA programs vary by school, the cost of a degree program also varies. In some cases, the tuition is higher for an EMBA than a traditional MBA program. Most schools offer scholarships or financial aid, and some employers help their employees with tuition.

Choosing an executive MBA program is an important decision. Students are wise to consider online opportunities if they plan to continue working while they pursue a degree. Their program choice depends on their educational goals and career needs.

Executive MBA Careers

Many students continue working in their current positions after earning their executive MBA. Others pursue promotions within or outside their organizations. Many industries look for executives with an MBA, and this advanced degree usually leads to higher salaries and better marketability in the ever-changing business world.

Accountants, advertising executives, business managers, and more are popular job options for MBA degrees. However, executive MBA graduates are not limited to these professions. Their degree qualifies them for numerous jobs in the business field.

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