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4 Great Reasons to Switch to Cloud Networking

29 July 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto9457335Cloud networking is trending upwards as more businesses and organizations make the switch from traditional computing. While working in the cloud sounds lofty it really is a sensible method for digital computing that is a logical next step for using the internet. There are several good reasons that make cloud networking an ideal solution. Freedom to Work Anywhere Companies that incorporate telecommuting into the work structure of their employees can easily plug in an entire network that works via the cloud. There is no need to be tied down to a workstation, which frees workers to do their work literally anywhere they choose.

Closer Collaboration Instead of having files stored on separate servers, all files are digitally stored in the cloud. Anyone with access to the network can access files anytime. Files and documents can be shared across the network. This easy access to information fosters increased collaboration on work projects. Better Security Attacks on servers are a growing problem that costs time and money to fix. System crashes are also a constant threat. The average downtime for software-based networks is around eight hours. Problems that arise in cloud networks are solved in about two to three hour’s time. Cloud networks have quicker response times when it comes to resolving online issues successfully. Even Playing Field Small businesses can be just as competitive as larger ones. Cloud networking is fast and efficient, which saves money while increasing productivity. Learn more about the hardware-free Pertino cloud network by researching cloud based online resources.

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