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Savvy saving for young professionals

6 August 2014 No Comment

Whether you’ve just landed your first proper job or have been working away at your chosen career for a few years, making sure that you put a bit of money away at the end of each month is just as important in your twenties as at any other time in your life.

In fact, workers in their twenties have more to save for than most other demographics, with holidays, children, and property to plan for.

To help the UK understand exactly where their hard-earned cash is going,  here is a handy infographic showing Britain’s top ten saving goals with holidays coming in a firm first place with 36% of the vote, closely followed by the rainy days and emergency funds.

If you find that your budget won’t quite stretch until your next payday, try contacting a reliable short term loan company who always aim to lend responsibly.

By getting a short-term loan, you can bridge the gap, knowing that you will be able to repay when the loan is due..

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to a trusted source.


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