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How to Increase Your Ice Cream Parlor Sales by Adding a Truck

17 October 2014 No Comment

canstockphoto20945731If you’re used to selling ice cream in a retail store location, you might be taken aback by the fact that shop owners who take to the streets see an increase in profits. How can this be? Simple. People are getting tired of prepackaged foods that have been sitting around in a freezer for months. Bring them fresh ice cream and they will beat a path to your truck.


It’s An American Pastime


Ice cream trucks have a rich history in America. They go back to the 1920s’ when Harry Burt decided to invest in 12 refrigerated trucks so that he could drive his ice cream creations all over Ohio. Burt had recently invented the Good Humor bar after many failed attempts at creating an ice cream one could hold in one’s hand.

With his new invention, the combination of ice cream and driving seems natural. Henry Ford’s automobile was taking off, people were becoming more accustomed to seeing them, and it was a trend that Burt thought would continue. Today, that pastime is institutionalized. People in populated areas almost expect at least one ice cream truck. Are you going to be the one that serves them?


Ice Cream Trucks Let You Get Creative


Like Burt, you could come up with an ice cream sensation that sweeps the nation. Remember that he only had an idea and 12 trucks when he started. You could use custom ice cream cups and create artisan ice creams, or you could offer seasonal varieties based on what’s available locally.


Some businesses get very serious about seasonality and put fruit that’s in season right in the ice cream. Others take advantage of holidays and create themes ice creams – pumpkin ice cream for Thanksgiving, gingerbread and candy cane ice cream for Christmas, Valentine’s Day themed ice cream, St Patrick’s Day themed ice cream, and so on.


Ice Cream Truck Advertising Is Easy


There’s not much in the way of advertising that you have to do if you use a large speaker system and play music as you drive through neighborhoods. The ice cream truck music is very popular and well-known.


Of course, you could take out local ads, advertise your truck business in your retail locations, and even offer free coupons for people who stop into your shop. But, making sure that you’re playing music as you drive, and that you’re driving slowly enough to capture the attention of small children, is probably the best advertising you can do. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s effective, and that’s the biggest hurdle in just about any business endeavor – being effective.


It’s Profitable


If it weren’t profitable, people wouldn’t do it. There are many ice cream trucks, especially in the bigger cities, that are making a killing just by driving around, finding a spot to park, and serving up amazing iced creations. There’s something inherently valuable about an ice cream truck in many peoples’ minds. It feels fresh. And, that’s what people want these days.


Regina Johnson is a former ice cream truck vendor and avid writer. When she has the chance, she likes to research the industry and share what she finds with others. Look for her informative articles on many business and industry-related websites and blogs.

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