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Weighing the Benefits of iPad-Based Point of Sale Systems

28 October 2014 One Comment

ibpPoint of sale systems are the financial focal point of a retail business. They are the hub of activity in any retail store. It is no wonder, therefore, that companies are wary to adopt new standards for its point of sale machines and services. Recently, innovations in the creation of apps to deal with point of sale services have made the iPad a surprising contender in the field of point of sale systems. The sleek, elegant design that Apple’s has championed makes it both stylish and easy to integrate into any store’s layout. Combining this with systems designed by companies such as Shopify make it a truly helpful piece of hardware. Aesthetic value aside, the iPad brings to the table a new, revolutionary format for dealing with point of sale transactions. For a business, considerations of a new point of sale terminal need to go beyond looks into the realm of base functionality.

Introducing the Cloud

 One of the newest technology buzzwords around is “the Cloud”. Cloud storage systems deal with keeping a copy of relevant files synced off site, usually on a remote server with redundant backups supplied by another company. The result is constant information updates going on over the network ensuring that he data on the server is always current in the case of a physical or network failure. From the perspective of a point of sale terminal, this opens up a number of interesting possibilities, ranging from real-time data analytics to cross-location inventory management. The fact that inventory and hardware upgrades can also be pushed out through the cloud make it a uniquely useful technological improvement.

Complete Data Backup and Security

 One of the most obvious benefits using cloud storage brings to the fore is the ability to have all data from every store location transferred and collated automatically. This allows for detailed management of inventories across multiple stores as well as ensuring that your data is secure in case of a system failure of one or more point of sale terminals. The nature of the cloud storage allows for peace of mind where your data is concerned. The physical data cannot be destroyed by a hardware failure, a definite upgrade from the days of off-site backups with point of sale terminals. The cost benefits of backing up using the cloud are well documented. Economically, cloud point of sale terminals give you the most effective solution for data backup and management currently available.

The Impact of Cloud Solutions on the Bottom Line

The amount of money a company makes is based on the amount it earns after removing the amount it spends on operating costs. Traditional point of sale systems were built around the idea that a specialized dedicated system was needed for a retail business. The new paradigm the iPad sets up utilizes low-cost alternatives to a custom built point of sale system. The result is that both the startup cost and the operation cost of the system can be implemented for as little as $1000 < http://www.sba.gov/blogs/turning-your-tablet-point-sale-system-it-time-make-switch >. Compared to a possible $50,000 installation price tag on a custom designed client-server point of sale system, it clearly outshines the traditional method of point of sale implementation. The added benefit of low monthly maintenance costs mean that the profit from the business would be so much more. A point of sale solution that can directly affect the bottom line of a business is extremely rare, but this one does just that, not only from its low installation cost but through its low maintenance value as well.

Making Management a Breeze

Multiple locations can be a hassle for a manager. Managers usually have a lot of different outlets under their purvey and keeping them all organized, supplied and up to date with the happenings of the company can be tedious and time consuming. Utilizing a cloud-based storage solution makes for a much easier method of dealing with logistics demands. Cloud point of sale terminals allow for the easy distribution and collection of information. Even upgrades to the system can be sent through the cloud, resulting in less need for physical supervision of staff. This frees up the manager’s time so that he or she can utilize it to streamline the operation of the business even more.

For businesses that have multiple locations and have not yet invested in cloud point of sale as a viable alternative to current methods, there is no time like the present. The decrease in operating cost combined with the ease of use and convenience of the system makes it an ideal replacement for the current system that you may have in use. The dependability of the cloud backup ensures that a server failure will never be one of your worries in the future. From a business perspective, it is probably the best investment that any retail enterprise can make, compounding security and dependability with technological superiority. An iPad point of sale system will take a business into the twenty first century.

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